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im starting or at least trying to book here is the opening chapter what does everyone think.?

Good will Bigfoot hunting
“hello my name is luke, i live in a quiet little town in the shadow of Mt. Washington, I work as a biologist but so far I have put my knowledge towards cryptozoology” As luke sighed “and ohhh what a mistake”.

3 Days later.

Luke was sitting outside his house on his front porch looking at the birds feeding and fighting over the food, the dogs were barking, kids were riding their bikes, and skate boards. As always the neighbors were fighting attracting alot of attention as always. The mail man was coming down the road as always 11:15 A.M. As always. I sat and waited for my next study grant from the university. For along time I have been working on my Bigfoot study. As the mail man approached I pulled up out of the chair on the front porch and walked down my cracked and uneven side walk. I approched the mail man ” hi luke hows the world treating you” the mail man rodney said. “well you know the usuall” I said reluctantly ” ohh problems with the wife again” He said with a smile on his face ” wow you must be a pyschic” I said laughing ” yeah it happens well i gotta run 85 more houses to run, bye” he said putting his truck into gear and driving off with haste for the time i have taken from his busy schedule. I was walking up the side walk moving through and i saw that the universtiy had sent the check at least i hope. I opened the letter before entering my house. ” Mr. jaminson we are sorry to inform you that the university is making some budgett changes we are sorry to say that we are removing four-thousand from your fund leaving you with two-hundred dollars please inform us of any development in your studies, Good day” “WHAT THOSE THOSE, OHHH, WHY, HOW COULD THEY OF DONE THIS” I said as the neighbors looked at me throwing my mail and kicking that stupid looking yard knome. “o.k. you know what this is worthless this people cant even think up a good excuse” I said as my face was blood red.. I walked in and i looked around and my wife had two suit cases in her hand “umm honey what are you doing” i asked with a blank look on my face. “im leaving you” she said with an evil looking smirk on her face “why i thought we were doing good” i said “hahaha yeah right its nothing you think that your the best going to discover the missing link why were sitting with no cable, no water, barely any electricity im tired of sleeping on the floor” She said “but im about to crack it open big really big” i said just about to cry ” oh yeah like i havent heard that one before” she said As she bolted out the door leaving me not even enoguh time to say something. I went into the kitchen my face red from the anger over the university not funding me anymore or at least barely funding me and my wife leaving me huh what a great day so far.

6 hours later

Earlier I was reading the paper one of my few joys in life an add posted for talented, beautiful, and large men wanted. So i thought that the posistion called for a tall man that had some extre padding that had some experience. It said to come to the “long dong theatre” huh never heard of that one must be a new theatre that serves foot long hot dogs. I showed up at the theatre on the display it had two men with cowboy hats on and in the middle it said XXX huh i thought that movie was really old “oh well must be doing some sort of ceremony for it” So i walked in and i seen many different women looking at me.

{not part of the story}

SO im writing a story on the journey of a man wanting to find and capture bigfoot now im going to post the rest but i do need to know if anyone thinks this looks ok from where im going because im not going to release it all until i get some oppinions so anyone think its good so far please tell me?

What elements of Paranormal Activity did you think made it scary?

what about Paranormal Activity scared you? please be specific!

I think I saw the mothman or the chupacabra (or something).?

about 14 years or so ago my family was in two vans on our way to keno bay in mexico. it was a long ride and as i was looking out the window- i saw a HUGE…something fly over our van. i only got a quick glimpse at it, but it had no feathers, was a grey-ish color, with a round humanoid head and wings like a bat. only it’s wingspan was VERY large. my cousin saw the large shadow the thing cast and we both yelled for my uncle to stop the van. he stopped, but it was gone by the time we stopped and ran out.
all these years it has bothered me because i consider myself a healthy skeptic and i have no way of explaining what i saw. my family makes jokes about it still- as do i, but frankly it’s a little scary looking back on it.
anyone knowledgeable about cryptozoology or odd creatures know what i might’ve seen.
i’ve never had another encounter like it.

What do you think happens at the end of paranormal activity?

At the end, you hear the girl/demon screaming for Mika, and he runs downstairs. Does anyone have an idea as to what happened before he was thrown? This is really bothering me.

I think only the most knowledgeable and perceptive horror movie fan will get this one?

I just finished watching an obscure early eighties horror film called Absurd, about this mute giant monster that has the ability to regenerate himself if he gets hurt. I was listening to the musical background soundtrack and I could have sworn that I heard some of this music in another movie. I know that this is a longshot but I thought I would give it a try.

Do you think that the sci-fi and fantasy genre is being overwhelmed by paranormal romance books?

I can sort of see the cross over appeal for fantasy novels. But the sci-fi and horror sections seem like they are being taken over as well.
Does it make sense to shake up the categories a bit to separate out the romance elements?

Why does everything think paranormal activity is so scary?

i’ve heard this from most people who’ve seen it. i love horror movies and it was said to be “the scariest movie” so i decided to see it. it was alright but wasn’t scary to me; it had a few Scenes were i’d be like “oh shit” but nothing special. and i also decided to see it 2 more times and i still don’t get what’s so scary about? Why does everything think paranormal activity is so scary?

What do you think of the movie paranormal activity?

My husband saw it last weekend, and couldn’t sleep for days. So he wanted me to see it with him today, and I did, and I pretty much laughed all the way through it. Sure, some parts gave me chills, but I didn’t so much as jump or scream or anything. There were annoying little girls screaming for no reason in the theater though. UGH! So what did you think of the movie? And if you haven’t seen it, do you want to?

What do you think of the start of my vampire story?

Hi everyone
this is my story based on twilight- it was a really good book.
i’m only 12 so im no pro. PLZ leave a answer.

Blood Pressure


18th of August 1932
A figure crouched down next to a lifeless corpse, feasting on the human’s blood. The moon hung high in the sky, shedding light across the valley. The noise of footsteps echoed in the still of the night. The vampire spun around, aware of the disturbance. Three cloaked vampires emerged from the depths of the darkness and greeted him with a nod and he returned the gesture. The cloaked vampires joined the lone vampire, enjoying the taste of the human blood. For all they knew, they were waiting, waiting for the time to come.

Chapter 1
21st of January 2005
It was late at night and I was roaming around the lonesome streets of California, not really having a destination, when a hoarse voice moaned from the shadows.

“Jimi Parkinson”

I spun around in surprise to the call of my name and stared blankly into the dark alley.

“Come here” he continued.

I took a small step forward, frightened and unsure of what lay waiting for me in the unidentifiable alley and then it happened. A young man pounced out from the shadows and landed on me, pinning me to the ground. He smiled menace fully and showed two extremely sharp teeth. I cried out in horror as him bit my neck…..

I woke up that morning on the street which I passed out last night on. I touched my neck and felt two little hole marks and dry blood all down my neck, seeping into my clothes. As I propped myself up on one elbow, by passers stared in shock and disgust. That man last night, he was a vampire and I had utterly no doubt about that. From what I knew I must be a vampire now. I did feel an overwhelming surge of power every now and then. It rippled through my body not missing a single nerve or vein. I stood up finally taking in a deep, long breath to refresh myself. As I did so a woman cried out in shock as a young man ran by and stole her bag right from the grasps of her hands.
I stood up in sudden awareness and instantly was after the bag snatcher. The bite must have given me remarkable powers because instantly I had tackled him and pinned him to the ground. He tried to fight me off but my incredible strength over powered him easily and he gave up. I had an uncontrollably urge to bite into the soft flesh of his neck, the taste of blood was a basic need as a vampire but I resisted with reluctance and walked off.
When I returned home my mum spotted me she yelled

“Where the bloody hell you think you were last night!”
“Ah, I went out with some friends” I replied

She didn’t look convinced but she probably was too tired to argue. I stalked up the stairs, slightly dizzy about all the events that had occurred today. I flopped down on my bed exhausted and drifted off to sleep…

Chapter 2

Sunlight found the gap in my curtain and light up my room. I woke up irritated with the light and arose out of bed. Apparently being a vampire doesn’t mean you can’t go out in the sun. I logged on to my computer and typed in the word ‘Vampires’.

The website came up with.

“Vampires are creatures that are known to drink human’s blood. The different types of Vampires include.

Djenena- This type of vampire is know to rely on animals’ blood and is a shape shifter.

Dracula- This type of vampire has the power to turn into a bat. Garlic weakens it and it can be killed by hammering a stake into its heart. This is the most common vampire known nowadays.

Bulleta- This is one of the rarest vampires known and has incredible speed and strength. This vampire is immune to light, garlic and stakes. This vampire is known to be indestructible

Do you think Paranormal Activity 2 is real?

I personally dont because I dont believe in the paranormal. Why do think its real?
Well its amazing that i dont believe in it and i have never expirienced it. But like all people, i could make up an expirience if i wanted to.

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