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I’m having a Halloween party and my friends said they wanted little activities and games?

So like I’m definitely going to have a hide and seek or a tag game something like sardines (if you know what that game is…) but I don’t know what else? There’s probably going to be about 15 people there so…? any ideas?
10 points goes to whoever can give me (a) good idea(s) and how to play it to just something to do with these people that’s really fun and maybe possibly Halloween related

oh and we r probably going to already tell ghost stories :)

What are some good games for a halloween party? and they have to be cool!?

do they make halloween costumes for three month old that are not bunting?

I’ve been trying to find my son a halloween costume for my three month old and all that i can find that seem to fit him are bunting. Personally i don’t like them. Does anyone know where i can get a costume to fit him thats not bunting??

What is the name of the movie , when some kids had an invitation to a horror movie and they turned to zombies?

I saw that movie once , from about eleven years i guess … punch of people were playing around when they had a horror movie invitation from a creepy guy . SO they went over at night and there was that one girl who found a silver mask behind a motorcycle when she wore it she she scratch her face it kept bleeding she went to the bathroom , then she turned into some kind of a monster and the infection spread out from her to the rest of the cinema population .. and at last the whole city was out of business .

Why did they make like three different endings to Paranormal Activity?

BQ: Which one is your favorite?

What is the difference between the supernatural & paranormal? and what evidence do we have that they exist?

I looked on the internet, but didnt find anything that would answer this question. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i really need this info.

What is the difference between the supernatural & paranormal? and what evidence do we have that they exist?

I looked on the internet, but didnt find anything that would answer this question. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i really need this info.

What is the difference between the supernatural & paranormal? and what evidence do we have that they exist?

I looked on the internet, but didnt find anything that would answer this question. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i really need this info.

How is it that children are allowed to act in movies that they aren’t allowed to see?

I was at my friend’s house, and he was watching some b-movie horror flick that he borrowed from a friend of his. It was about these evil demonic children who go around killing people, kind of like Children of the Corn, but worse. It was really violent and extremely gory. I forget what it was called, but my friend says you can’t buy or rent it anywhere, and I’m not surprised. I think it was unrated too.

Aside from the fact that the children actors (who looked like they ranged between the ages of 10 and 12) were exposed to all of the blood and gore of the film (as they were the ones doing it), there were also 3 separate scenes in the movie where they were exposed to full nudity. In one scene, a couple of the kids go into a woman’s bathroom and stab her while she’s taking a shower, fully nude (clearly ripped off from Psycho). Then later there’s another scene where the kids have kidnapped another woman, they tie her down and rip her clothes off and then they kill her in some sort of satanic ritual (again, the woman is completely nude).

The third scene is definitely the worst. The kids go into this house where a teenage girl is home alone. The girl is depicted as being under 18, even though the actress probably isn’t, she looked younger. The girl is on her bed, naked from the waist down, listening to music in her headphones. You can tell that she is using a sex toy, even though they don’t show everything, all you see is the sex toy and her pubic hair. She doesn’t notice when the kids come in her room, and they watch her for a minute with these evil looks on their faces. One of the kids has this scary looking thing that looks like a sex toy with thorns on it, and… I don’t think I need to say what happens next. It was disturbing. The poor girl screams and there is blood everywhere, and I just can’t believe that any movie producer would let child actors even pretend to do what they did. And what were their parents thinking letting them act in something like this?

The movie was terrible. There was hardly any storyline, most of the acting was pretty horrible, the special effects and prop blood — while gory — looked mostly unrealistic. I doubt it even made as much money as they spent to produce it, and I’m sure the movie was probably banned just about everywhere they tried to release it. Even if it did get released, it would have carried an NC-17 rating, minimum. No child should ever be allowed to see it. So my question is, why were children allowed to act in it? And isn’t it against the law for them to be directly exposed to naked women like that? I think I’ve seen stuff like that in other movies too, where children end up seeing naked adults. I remember one movie I saw many years ago where this young boy was spying on a woman while she posed nude for a painting, or something. Why is this allowed? It doesn’t make sense that children would be allowed to see something in person when they aren’t allowed to see it on a movie screen.
I’m pretty sure this was not CG or anything, it was a pretty low budget film. In fact I am almost positive that the children were actually in the scenes.

Like in the ‘sacrifice’ scene, one of the children is kneeling over the woman and running the blade of a knife down her stomach, but not actually cutting her. You see both the boy and the woman in the same shot in the same scene, and the boy’s shadow over the woman’s body, and what looks like a real knife. The boy’s hand is clearly wrapped around the knife handle and the tip of the knife is pressed in against the woman’s stomach. The boy slowly runs the knife down between the woman’s breasts and stops just short of her pubic hair. Thank goodness all three of the naked or partially naked women in the film at least had pubic hair, to leave something to the imagination.

But I don’t think any of it was faked. The film quality was just way too amateurish for it to have been “green room” FX.
I’m not quite sure what the name of it was, I will have to ask my friend the next time I talk to him. I think it was something like Children of the Demon Seed, but I’m not positive. I had never heard of it before. My friend said he thinks it was never “officially” released because it couldn’t get ratings approval, or something like that. It’s one of those “underground” things that he heard about from a friend of a friend. He’s into all of that stuff, banned movies and ultraviolent films, stuff like that.

Right off the bat, the fact that he had this movie told me that it was definitely out of the mainstream and not exactly “the norm”, so maybe the whole nudity thing was just an isolated incident for this case. But I am almost positive that I have seen other films where child actors were exposed to adult nudity, though probably not to this extent.
Giselle, why would you want to see it? It was really bad. The plot was terrible, the storyline was terrible, the acting was terrible, the “special effects” were terrible, the ending was terrible, and on top of that, it wasn’t even really scary! It was just a lot of gore and disturbing scenes. It’s no wonder I’ve never heard of it. I know that some movies become popular because of how bad they are, but this one was just vile, like the rape scene from the unrated version of The Hills Have Eyes II. It was just wrong all around. I would not recommend anyone see it.

Even my friend, who is usually into disturbing, gory, low-budget films with bad acting, said that he expected better and that he was not really impressed or entertained by it. The only possible redeeming factor is that the kids in the movie were really creepy, very much Children of the Corn-like. It’s pretty sad that the children were probably the best actors in the entire production.

Dinosaurs and man lived together disproving the notion they are Pre-Historic How can you believe Evolution?

I have personally been to Glen Rose Texas to see the Pauluxy River Bed where there are STILL dinosaur footprints AND human footprints in the same layer of rock, crossing paths with each other AND even interlaced.

On top of this, there are many other evidences that dinosaurs lived with man (ie. Inca burial stones/cave drawings etc.)

There are even evidences that some dinosaurs are still alive today although in a smaller version (research cryptozoology) (ie. loch ness monster, ogopogo, mkele-mbembe)

Seeing that Dinosaurs… and the earth for that matter (to be discussed in another question) are not millions of years old, what other explanation for the earth is there than God created it in 6 literal 24 hour days.

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