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Is there any good games for teenagers at a party?

I am having a halloween party and i really need some ideas of games for my party and i want a variety of games so if you have any ideas please let me know thanks :) we are high schoolers and its a halloween party fyi.

What are some good games to play at a teen boy/girl Halloween party with parents there..?

Whats are good recipce and games for a 5th grade halloween party and there not babys so dont make stuiped stuf?

I need some ideas quick there will be guys and girls and a bonfire

Why is there no conspiracy theory section or category?

A conspiracy (theory) section for us open minded skeptics?

We could discuss popular things like 9/11 conspiracies, December 21, 2012/prophecies; Moon Landing Hoax, UFO’s/Aliens, New World Order/Secret Societies, JFK Assassination, Cryptozoology etc.

If we had a conspiracy section, we wouldn’t have to post in other sections about these things which happen to have loads of credible evidence, without being criticized by those who are not knowledgeable on the subjects. Something for people who like to investigate things in everyday life. Also people could also stop worrying about these things such as December 21, 2012 getting posted in their other sections. I often have trouble finding a section to post some such things and when I do they get deleted. So for now it seems I have to stick to specialized forums.

Anyone else think this is a good idea or would it be a good idea? Conspiracy is a very broad subject and has many sub categories of its own. I wonder why there is no conspiracy section. I wish there was some way I could request this.

What are great halloween party games? There will be kids and adults there.?

What are some good games for a Halloween party if there aren’t that many people?

We’re all about 15. Nothing gross or too complicated please, our party is tommorrow.

Any Lonely people that want to discuss paranormal and vampire, angels and otherkin out there?

I am looking for people that want to discuss the above topics. There is no need to leave a rude and offensive comment, like I said just looking for people to talk about vampires, otherkin, angels , parnormal and spiritual topics. Be forewarned: I will report any rude and offensive comments. Please be adults.

Are there alot of genuine people with paranormal abilities, or just some?

I know that some people call them ‘psychics’, but I find the term overused and utilised by the frauds out there. But are abilities such as telepathy, foresight, and telekinesis reall common, or a rare occurence?
Well. What a peach.

Anyone out there a fan of paranormal romances? Can you recommend any good series?

I’m totally hooked on Mary Janice Davidson and Katie Macalister, and am looking for something similar to read while they write more books. :) I love a good laugh more than anything, so the funnier the better!

Is there a name for this?

So there’s parapsychology, paranormal, supernatural, cryptozoology etc
But is there a name for the study of, or just a name for strange places like Winchester Mystery House, Stone Henge, Area 51, etc?

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