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I am going to a horror theme party in march and i need costume ideas.?

I need some ideas of what i can go as to my friends 21st birthday horror theme party. I want to look scary and horrible. Any costume &/or character ideas?

Need a play with a horror theme for Halloween (for high school performing arts department)?

The play can be a comedy or drama or musical.
Do you think Rocky Horror Picture Show: The Musical would be suitable for high school students to perform and see? I know the local university staged it several years ago. What plays could you recommend? Thanks!

Sweet 16th birthday party with Rocky Horror Theme – Need cool ideas!?

Ok all you creative people. We are planning my daughters sweet 16th. She want’s a Rocky Horror Picture Show theme. We need all the cool ideas we can get for decorations, games, etc. I want to make this SUPER special!

Creepy Crawl & Adams Family Theme

Juan Carlos Orchestra

what is the theme for orlando halloween horror nights 2008?

like what are the haunted houses going to be? last year was horror movies like friday the 13th what is this years?

opinions needed… for a theme for a club…?

i have a idea for a dance club.
i want to have a horror movie theme were the bathrooms look like the set to saw and the dance floor be a slasher seen with red paint splattered on the walls i want looks of realistic movie props of limbs and heads and guts. in the bar i want the same thing going on and use a head for cups i want the whole place to just be gruesome and creepy.

but what i want to know is that to far?
ive never seen a club like that and i was wondering if it was for a good reason.
is that too weird for a theme and would any one would come?

Are there any jobs involing the theme of…..?

Halloween? I am wondering if there are any jobs which involve the theme of Halloween (Horror)? Are there any carrers where you make Halloween props? If I where to become this carrer when I grow up what should I study in school?

Does anybody know the theme for Halloween Horror Nights this year?

I’m attending the 2010 Halloween Horror Nights and i just want to know what the theme is. I know the website has been updated to a preview but i want the exact theme. Is there anybody that knows? It would be greatly appreciated! I will be choosing best answer tomorrow!

Germann Halloween Light Show 2009 – Halloween Theme Song

Featured in the Germann Halloween Light Show / Food Drive 2009! “Halloween Theme Song” programmed to lights using Light-O-Rama (with a slight twist). A total of 32 channels were used in this sequence. This show was done for a food drive for the Northern Illinois Food Band, any non-perishable food items can be dropped off into a box in front of the house at any time. The show runs from 6PM to 10PM on weekdays, and 6PM to 11PM on weekends. The FM Frequency for the show is 87.9FM. Enjoy! Any feedback is appreciate

Halloween Theme Song (Techno Version)

Techno Version of Halloween

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