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I am planning a halloween party for 20 8 year olds does anyone have really fun games for them to play?

Also we are doing a haunted house any good ideas?

I have about 4600 movies. I have them listed as horror, comedy, etc. How can i separate them?

I mean separate them into categories such as just the comedy or horror or family without having to copy and paste one by one???? Help is there an easier way??? Thanx ahead of time!!!

How to interact with the paranormal without angering them?

I would like to know how to make contact with the undead. Its a intresting subject… and we want to know how to make contact? Please let us know!!

THanks MuCheS

what are some great Halloween games I need them for a Halloween party that is in 33 days! some please help me!?

i need to know some games for my Halloween party and i don’t have much time i need enough games and activities to keep people happy for 4 to 5 hours can any one help me!?!?!?

Why do most japanese horror movies have little girls in them?

i have noticed that in alot of japanese horror movies they have little girls who kill people like the grudge the ring one missed call etc can someone please tell me why?

Anyone have some true scary ghost stories or tell me anything paranormal thats happened to them?

I like scary things like ghost and poltergeists. Does anyone have anything paranormal happen to them or seen a ghost. And does anyone know some good ghost stories or websites I can go to?Thanks

When people begin investigating into the paranormal, can the interest put them at risk for demonic interaction?

If a person is reading about and investigating spiritual activity would that interest open them up for the interactions from a demonic force?
There is a huge difference between human spirits and demonic (non-human) forces, but would investigating one leave a person susceptible to the other?

I make highly unusual weapons. horror movie stuff. I want to sell them, but to who?

legally, they’re described as “prohibitive weapons” and they are very dangerous. they are legal as works of art, but felonies when sold as weapons. some of them are vicious interpretations of existing weapons (mace, spears, etc) some are unique (horned masks and gauntlets covered with spikes). very very nasty stuff. everyone tells me they should be in horror movies and they are right. i could probably make a horror movie myself, but without the budget, i doubt it would go anywhere. i am an individual (not affiliated with a prop company) and therefore, i don’t have a venue through which to sell them. does anyone have any idea how i might contact a studio like twisted pictures? or maybe private collectors? any information would be helpful. thanks.

if your curious, this link will show you an example.

Do you think that when kids under 16 watch brutal horror movies it trains them to harden their hearts?

I’m thinking about films like the “Chucky” series and the chainsaw horror genre. Is this one reason many people don’t care about the suffering of others, and support wars against people who haven’t attacked us? Or abuse minorities? When they are watching these terrible things don’t they have to learn not to care about or even enjoy the suffering they’re seeing or it would be unbearable? Does it change how they think about people in the larger world?
Some kids start watching these when they are only 10 years old.

Has anyone had any paranormal things happening to them or know of any in Lincolnshire?

If you have any spooky goings on or know of any in the Lincolnshire area please let me know as I am studying the paranormal at the moment. Your input is very much appreciated and will award 10 points to the best response.

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