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I am now 13 and terrified of the paranormal?

I am 13 and am too scared to sleep on my own in my own bedroom. I sleep with my mum and dad in their room. I am interested in cryptozoology (the study of animals like bigfoot and nessie) but not the paranormal. Even though I don’t read about ghosts and aliens, I always feel terrified in my own home. I won’t go into a room on my own, and I always feel like I am being watched, even though deep down I know that nothing is there. I’m always looking over my shoulder and I don’t like to be away from home. I’ve never had any traumatic experiences, except maybe when my grandma had a stroke and has now lived in my house for seven years. I don’t think that caused my fear though. Can anybody help me get over my fear/phobia?
PS I can’t let my dog sleep with me, as he is not allowed upstairs. I have read this in some other posts.
Please HELP!

Im terrified of scary movies and now my friends want me to watch paranormal activity, should I go?

Im so supersticious and beleive in ghosts and spirits, Ive never seen a scary movie in my life. My friends are begging me to watch Paranormal Activity with them, should I?

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