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How do I tell my parents…?

How do I tell my parents I’m a member of this site Above Top Secret?

It’s a cool site because I love all the paranormal, cryptozoology, alien/ufo, conspiracies topics that they have.

I secretly joined and I think they’d think I was strange if I liked this stuff. I kinda want it secret but if I do tell should I tell my older bro? He’s kinda understanding but overprotective.

Just curious – Is anyone else a member? If you’re into this stuff you should probably check it out.

can anyone tell me any really really fun and cool halloween party games?!?!? Please!?

I found this one game that was cool but i want more, help me out :)

Tell me one good horror movie that i havent seen?

Just want to watch a movie but theres no horror left i seen almost all of them.

How can you tell the difference between a paranormal experience and a religious experience?

By religious I mean a spiritual experience.. having to do with God etc.
tiger.. Yes.. years ago. I thought it was religious/spiritual but I’m beginning to think it was just paranormal.

What if anything does it tell about a person who is not sensitive to paranormal experiences?

and assume the person is not closed minded to the supernatural, that they just don’t have any capability of experiencing supernatural events.

Tell me some Paranormal experiences you have had?

I just want to know if anything weird like that has ever happened to you. I also want to know a couple of ways to attract the Paranormal .

Anyone have some true scary ghost stories or tell me anything paranormal thats happened to them?

I like scary things like ghost and poltergeists. Does anyone have anything paranormal happen to them or seen a ghost. And does anyone know some good ghost stories or websites I can go to?Thanks

Can any expert paranormal person tell me how to produce a paranormal experience?

Because this type of phenomenon, if it exists, has eluded many mainstream scientists and also a lot of people.

I personally have not ever experienced anything that I couldn’t explain. Dreams, that’s all explained.
Knowing something before it happens, explained.

Also, where do I go to witness desks and chairs flying about as if thrown by an invisible man?

Can anyone tell me the title of this 80s horror film?

It’s about an old horror actor who dies, & a bunch of teenage fans steal his body from his mosoleum. Then, they take his body to an old house & prop him up at the head of a table because he’s the guest of honor for their party. Then there’s the usual 80s-horror-teen-booze-&-sex, as his body comes to life and starts killing all of them. As far as killings went, the only ones I can particularly remember are:
*When a guy (I think wearing a yellow bowling shirt) is killed with a sword.
*When another guy & his girlfriend are stuffed into a casket & pushed into a crematorium.
*And when some lady chokes to death from a wad of cash stuffed in her mouth (I think the last death in the movie).

I’d appreciate if anyone can tell me what the title of the movie is. I think it has the word “Night” in it.

Even Saw 7 tell you how to decorate this Halloween!! BE 3D The final episode of saw 7 has already told you that 3d is a must in halloween decor this year. No matter vintage, spooky, scary halloween decoration, all you need to do is to put sound, light all together.

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