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A good game for a survival horror newbie?

I’m a definite scaredy-cat when it comes to horror games, but I love watching other people play them, so I’d like to try one at some point. Can someone recommend a survival horror game that isn’t very scary? I’d like to ease myself into the genre.

What are some good cheap survival horror games for the xbox?

ive been looking around everywhere and i dont know what games to buy, im afraid to buy a game and have it completely suck when i start playing it, any suggestions for a good survival horror game?

Looking for some good survival horror movies?

Favorite type of horror movies are generally when a group of people try to escape something/someone, iam looking for some more like:

cube 1,2,3
the strangers
hostel 1, 2
saw 1-7
funny games
human centipede

some more?

Does anyone know of any survival horror video games where you choose your own fate?

In example: A man is driving his car and it asks if you want him to drive right or left. Let’s say, you choose left and he drives off a cliff and dies. If he would’ve chosen right, he would’ve lived.

I just gave that example so you’ll get what I’m asking. If anyone knows of any survival horror games of that nature, please tell me.

what is the best survival horror game?

I’ve just started playing survival horror games with silent hill 2. I thought it was awesome and i am looking for something like that. I don’t really horror and action put together, and i like a epic story that keeps you playing. ( i’ve never played Resdent Evil but ive heard it’s sweet)
i meant i don’t really like horror and action put together.

What coop survival horror games are there for PS2 or Mac?

I’m looking for a SURVIVAL horror game, like the nazi zombies mode in COD 5, not just a horror game like dead space or resident evil. Don’t bother answering if there isn’t any for mac, just threw it in there in case.

What is the best survival horror video game in your opinion?

survival horror for those who dont know are games like Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Dead Space, Onimusha, Fatal Frame, Siren, Clock Tower, etc. list also exactly which game in the series you list is your fav.

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