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What can we do to make sure that we have a great Halloween costume party?

We’re having a costume party at our house the Saturday before Halloween. I think we have enough booze, just bought a karaoke machine, got a fogger to lure the shy out into our living room dance floor, and lots of Halloween decorations. Looking for any tips to make sure we have a great party.

How do you know for sure a house has paranormal activity?

There are so many things that can cause weird noises and such, so how do you really know for sure?

I have a feeling that the house I work in is haunted. How do I find out for sure?

I want to find out some safe, easy, and legitimate ways to see if the house is actually haunted. Thank you!

i have seen this creature around my house and im not sure what it is could you help?

Ok please only serious answers. Me, my cousin, my grandmother and my neighbor have all seen this thing. i have see it up close through the kitchen window in my house before it was in the yard and started to get closer to the house and it was about 4-5 feet tall and it walked/loped between its hind legs and all fours it had no noticable fur and its skin was like a brownish green it had a grimace like face almost as if it didnt have lips and its teeth looked sharp and its eyes were too tiny for me to really see. now my cousin had it jump in front of my grandmothers car when they left my house and thats how they seen it. and my neighbor let his hunting dogs loose after it and they chased it but i guess they couldnt get it. some of his dogs came back battered and cut up pretty badly and i have seen this thing every now and then mostly at night my house is surrounded by woods and i live out in the country in the state of virginia. i study about a lot of cryptids and paranormal things ufo and all but nothing i know of matches this because anything like it is too far away and has different habits than this thing. i may only be 16 but i study these things alot i mean most of the creatures you read are more shy and stay from human sight but you can spot it roaming the woods around the area at night sometimes and it tried to get into my house before but one of the cats i had decided to attack it because she had just had her kittens and well i havnt seen the cat since… so could anyone think of anything it might possibly be?

How do you know for sure when you have been to haunted place?

My sister has a store in an old farmhouse and she it is haunted by a 15 year old that died in the barn it is gone but the house is still there. What do you think?

I bought these for halloween and i wanna make sure they work?

I bought these fake vampire fangs for halloween from wal-mart for 5.00 and i dont know how to make them last. If anyone out there has used these how do you make them work, and how long have you been able to use them? I hate having to spend money every year on a pair of fangs that dont work and i dont have the money to buy a pair of expensive fangs. If you could help i’d really appreciate it.

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