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I’m thinking about having a kid’s Halloween party. Any suggestions for food, games and decorations.?

Thanks in advance :-)

Senior Halloween Party: game ideas and cool costume suggestions?

Sorry about the thumbs down folks, not from me. Some people have nothing better to do than be rude.

I am having a halloween party for about 10 – 15 22 year olds. Any suggestions on any fun party games to play?

My 3 friends and I want to make a halloween costume, suggestions?

We’re all girls and we’d like something cute looking please. k, thanks (:

Help! I am trying to make a Halloween costume of Patrick Star from Spongebob and need suggestions!?

My friend suggested wearing pink sweats, but the the spongebob I’m going with is much more elaborate. Any suggestions on how to make all of this work? I looked online with no good ideas or help.

I need a good action movie with a bit of horror, suggestions?

Me and my girlfriend want to watch a movie with some action, but no pointless lets shoot and fight for shits and giggles action. With some horror elements in it (I.E. zombies, monsters, vampires, etc) BUT the horror element does not necessarily need to be included as long as the action movie contains a good plot.

Please no heavy romance movies and no movies james bond esque movies.

Any suggestions on kids games for a toddler Halloween party?

I’m having a Halloween party for my 2 year old son and his friends. Most of the kids will range from 18 months to 7 years old with the majority being 2. I’m planning on having a “witch hunt” where I will make little decorated baggies with treats and hide them in the backyard like Easter eggs and have the kids look for them. I thought this would be fun and easy. I would like one more game but have no idea. I don’t want a pinata b/c one of the kids in my playgroup has been hitting and I don’t want my son to have something else with hitting. Thanks in advance!

i need to make a halloween costume for tonight for a party! suggestions?

im going to a party in about 2 hours so i cant go buy anything. any suggestions to make a halloween costume im a high school girl! suggestions please and cute thingss! that i can make from thing in my houssee! please and thankss

suggestions for zoology research topic?

I have to write a ten page paper for zoology this semester, so I’d appreciate it if someone could throw out some suggestions for a topic. What are the biggest issues in the world of zoology?

The only two thoughts I’ve had are the decrease in the amphibian population, and it seems like I read a while back that the numbers of seafood animals are dwindling as well. Cryptozoology also crossed my mind, but due to its nature I’m guessing I would have a hard time finding scientific sources. So once again, any suggestions or ideas would be appreciated.

Im writing a horror story, i want to extend my vocabulary any suggestions?

I have to write an extract for a horror story. I need some descriptive words to use and what they mean?

so far this i what i have
The full moon shun brightly that night. The wolfs howling. The wind whistling, not a face insight. I don’t know what possessed me that night but I found myself wandering through the corridors of a dark deserted school.

Its about a deserted school where i find a dead mans body..
please help?

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