Medium Georgia O’Connor reads audience “John Edward style”

World renown medium Georgia O’Connor appears for first time on Ch 11’s “Great Day Houston” Nov. 11-20-06. She has moved to upstate New York where she is conducting her Meet The Medium series in the Saratoga Springs area. Private readings by phone

What should I do to my ice skating dress in order to make it more “Haunted House” style?

So I have this red stretch velvet ice skating dress that has a nude mesh for the shoulder area, long sleeves, and some sequins. My vision is for the dress to be red, black, and purple. I also have a goal to

What are the different style endings for a horror/supernatural story?

I’m writing a short story and it is a supernatural, horror type story. What are the different ways to end it? I don’t want to have the Scobby Doo style ending where everything is explained by a human involvement. So what are