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scary stories or halloween party game ideas?

im having a party and i need more scary stories and games. pleaseee helpp??!!!

Why do people insist on telling you their pregnancy horror stories when you are pregnant?

I was at my son’s baseball game, and of course I know pregnant tummies attract attention, but this lady asked me all the normal questions, how far along I am, what I’m having and so on. But then she tells me about her friends daughter who died giving birth because her amniotic fluid go into her blood stream, and according to this woman your amniotic fluid is toxic to you if it gets into your blood stream. Has anyone else had issues with people telling you their horror stories?

does any one have stories of big foot, hairy man yeti etc.?


What are some great sci fi horror short stories?

I am looking to read some great short stories that are both science fiction and a horror.

Do you have any audition embarrassing/horror stories or bad auditions you have experienced?

I hd an audition today, and I’m not even sure if I did well. I’m really confused, scared and sort of…upset. I think I could have done better. Do you have any audition “horror” stories. And no bad comments here, please.
LOL, so I got called back along with 5 other girls for the lead.

But still, any audition horror stories? for me it would also have to be auditioning and thinking I did an amazing job, then got cast as the most minor role in the play.
The play we’re doing is called “urinetown” yes, I know lol

Need A Good Paranormal Stories Web Site?

Can Anyone Find A Good Paranormal Stories Web Site That Has Well Writen Believable Stories, And Covers All Subjects Aliens, UFOs, Ghosts, Bigfoot, Local Legends, Cryptozoology, Exc…?

What are the horror stories of Xanax?

I have anxiety issues but don’t know if I want to take Xanax or not. Does anyone know any horror stories about this drug?

What is this horror movie with short stories in it?

I think it’s from the 80’s. It’s about this boy who gets a comic book and it’s got different horror stories in it. One was about this black tar in a lake and it attacks these people. one is about this guy who has a belittling wife and he finds some kind of rat type thing in the school basement or something and one is about this woman who hits a man with her car and he comes back to kill her.

Anyone have some true scary ghost stories or tell me anything paranormal thats happened to them?

I like scary things like ghost and poltergeists. Does anyone have anything paranormal happen to them or seen a ghost. And does anyone know some good ghost stories or websites I can go to?Thanks

Does anybody know any good German horror cultural stories?

I have a horror story class so we need to write a report on a horror or suspense story from our own culture. So since I am German I want to write one on a German story.

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