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TAPS: “Retorno à Eastern State Pen 2” – Caçadores de Fantasmas – Ghost Hunters BR

Caçadores de fantasmas retornam à Penitenciária Estadual do Leste, onde na primeira vez filmaram um vulto negro passando pela câmera. Legendado em português, parte final.

Anyone who has had Paranormal State come to there house?

I finally convinced my mom that our house is haunted and i wanted paranormal state to come to our house but do they charge anything and if so how much?

How can I reques for Paranormal State to come to my house?

For the past month I have been hearing voices in my room. But it only happens when my mom goes to sleep. Im tired of it. I can’t sleep and when It startes I get stumick aches. One night I parfed cause I felt bad. Stuff is getting moved around in my room. I always have this constant feeling someone is watching me. I need them to come and see if there is something there.

Does anyone know what happened to Ryan Buell of Paranormal State?

I’ve tried to find this out, but it doesn’t seem to be anywhere. Does anyone know what paranormal event happened to Ryan of A&E’s Paranormal State when he was younger? It just says that his experience led him to want answers and start the PRS.

What is the name of the Inn in Tennessee on Paranormal State season three episode48?

The episode called Room 37?
I live in Tennessee and my friend and I would like to take a trip to stay there a night or two but I can’t find the name of it.

Could anyone help me out here?

Ghost Hunters Das Eastern State Gefaengnis Teil 2 von 4 ( German )(DrSaddyFM)

Ghost Hunters Das Eastern State Gefaengnis Teil 2 von 4 ( German )(DrSaddyFM)

The Haunted Green and Walker Buildings at Central State Hospital in Milledgeville

Central State Hospital Paranormal expert Midas Wilder surveys the haunted Green and Walker Buildings on the grounds of the legendary lunatic asylum.

How many seasons of paranormal state have there been?

What season are we coming up to and when does the new season start? I’m so anxious for the new season!

When is paranormal state coming back on with new epsiodes ?

Ok so on Monday night there wasnt a new episode and i was so disapointed and i was wondering when more new episodes are going to come back . ( its the only ghost stuff i can watch until i go ghost hunting again) .

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