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PLEASE Help me find an interesting, unique speech topic?!?

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me! I’m in grade 8 and we are starting speeches in my school. I need a very interesting topic that will interest the audience(grade 8 class) from 3-5 minutes. Some idea’s that I have are:
-The History of Halloween (a bit wierd, but will it interest my audience)
-Walt Disney or Mickey Mouse or Disney Characters (is it to baby-ish for my audience and will it take too long for me to explain in 3-5 minutes?)
-The Bermuda Triangle (there is so much information on it I’m scared the speech will be about 20 minutes long)
-Animal Rights/Cruelty (Is it too COMMON?)

P.S. I do not want things like Global Warming or very WIERD topics like ‘The History of Pens’.

I REALLY don’t know what to do, PLEACE PLEASE help?
Your answers are all greatly appreciated, thank you.

I was also thinking of Cryptozoology, but, I think it’s a bit too… wierd…?

Im doing a speech and i need to know about ghosts being real and not real? , as the speech has to be two sided?

I really need to know peoples reasons to why they do and don’t believe in ghosts,not their stories.

Need help writing a sentence for a speech about ghosts?

I’m writing a persuasive speech about ghosts and I need help writing a purpose statement. It should be in the following form:
To persuade my audience that (who)________ should (do what)______.
Be more clear with my questions?? That’s what the details are for babe.

Gargoyle in his ultra long speech

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What should I talk about when I give an informative speech on ghosts?

So the speech has to have 3 main points. I have no clue what to talk about. I was thinking what they look like and give examples from people who have seen ghosts, where they haunt…any specific places and I can’t figure out a 3rd point. Maybe why people become ghosts, evidence they exist, equipment to detect ghosts, ghost hunting, ghost photos and videos, I have no clue. Someone please help!

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