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Can you plan a Halloween party for a sophmore in high school?

I love throwing parties, but Halloween is not my strong point. I am a sophomore in high school, and while most of the kids in my grade drink and smoke, I do not. My group of friends are going to come over for a halloween party (no liquor or drugs) but I don’t know what to do! I want to have a costume party and some games and stuff but I have no idea what kind of games, and food and things like that! Help!

I am a sophmore in high school and need help picking a career for the future.?

I really enjoy ancient history and “The unknown” (Things like cryptozoology, parapychology, Paranormal research, and things like that). Help please!
I also enjoy learning about conspiracy theories and perhaps proving and disproving them.
I would also like a little bit of descriptions in your answers, Thank You.

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