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What are some fun Halloween songs and games?

Im having a Halloween party and i wanted to know what are some fun/spooky Halloween songs
Also what would be some fun games to play?

good games for halloween party and while ur hear good songs?

In the Spanish horror movie Rec what songs does it feature?

In the Spanish horror movie Rec what songs does it feature? Especially the one at the ending credits.

Thanks! =]

Top 10 Halloween Songs for Kids

This is a special Halloween song list for Kids. Check out my other videos here on YouTube. Enjoy!!

Runescape – Horrible songs and other stuff you shouldn’t watch!

Runescape Video This is just a random video lol

What Songs Do The Best Job Describing The Horrors Of War?

Props to Tigris for the inspiration with Her Metallica Q..

What songs, in Your opinion, vividly illustrate the horror and brutality of War?

My Contribution…”Paschendale” by Maiden

Your turn
IMO I agree 100% Zodiac
I love Rooster
Bigggg Smile
Good call with Slayer

What songs should I use for a horror movie?

I am making a horror movie about this girl and along time ago she saw her friend get killed, and its been a few years later and the killer is going after her! I need some sad songs, for when she dies, I need a song similar to I will remember you, or your heart will go on ( both good songs but I am already using them.
And maybe a fast upbeat song…

Actually just anything that would work for a sad, upbeat, interesting movie! Thanks so much!

does anyone know any kindof spooky but still good songs?

I prefer no lyrics but if it has lyrics thats chill too. it should be kind of haunting.

What are some good mature Halloween songs (or anything of the spooky nature)?

By mature I mean songs that can be played for a party with no kids or a music video. One song for example would be Monster by Automatic.

Anyone kno of any spooky bands or songs that hav the same air as the intro of “Monsters” by Matchbook Romance?

Looking for something with an eerie feeling to the music, but still good listening. Something ghostly or supernatural in feeling. Any ideas?

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