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What are some good adult Halloween games for small parties?

Please no corny games. I have also seen enough “murder mystery, scavenger hunt, guess who, pumpkin carving” to make me puke. Please share any original, adult oriented ideas. I also am not looking for…”well a lot of kids games make fun adults games.” So if you have something unique, please post! Thanks!

I am throwing a small halloween Party, Any Good Games? Some for Kids + Teens?

There is 5 kids (2-4 Years) + 6 Teens (10-14), I don’t want the my friends (teens) to be bored + I dont want to play with the kids! I want some games that are for kids and some games that are for teens. Please include any scary recipe’s if you know any!

fun games for small kids to do during a halloween party?

I am having a party for a group of children ages 18 months to 5 years of age and am looking for fun games for them to do. Any suggestions?

Some ideas I have are:
Sack races
bobbing for apples
decorating pumpkins or halloween goody bags

Halloween party games/activities for small children?

We are having a family Halloween party in a few days and I need ideas for party games or activities.
It will be a small party (just the 4 of us. My 2 daughters, my husband and I) and they have to be relatively simple games or activities that a 6 and 7 year old can understand.
Here is the catch though…it has to be something I can create from stuff I already have at home.
It is an all-day party. Here is what I have so far: Making Halloween crafts together with construction paper, carving pumpkins, playing Charades, Pictionary, Password (all with Halloween themes), and watching scary movies in the evening.
They will also help me with the preparation of our Halloween dinner (we have some spooky foods to make) and some punch and snacks.
Any other ideas for simple games or activities? Thanks!

EKPS — EVP of a small child saying “I’m Cold”

the eastern kentucky paranormal society

EKPS — EVP of a small child saying “I’m Cold”

the eastern kentucky paranormal society

Woh Kiya Hai ? —Small Bridge,Old Sukkar— Part III.flv

A paranormal investigation program on express news (Episode :27th Dec,2009)

A small boggle

Image taken on 2006-06-24 22:53:32

Bizarre creature washes up in small Ontario town

An Ontario First Nations community has released pictures of a strange, rat-like creature that a dog pulled from a local creek earlier this month. Pictures posted to the website of the Big Trout Lake community show a long and skinny creature with brown fur and a bald, pale face. The animal is about “a foot long” according to the official community website. The creature was found when two nurses were hiking near a local creek. Their dog Sam saw something in the water and dragged the creature out.

What horror movie is it where a man finds a small dog sliced in half, still moving?

It was a horror or something from the 80’s and they dog looked like the monopoly dog. It also had a part where some blonde took off her clothes down to her underwear saying she was burning up or so hot.. something like that.

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