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The Difference – Singing Alien Wishes Upon A Star

Download Now: Unique as it is, our world requires diversity to exist. Diversity in life, biological processes and all else. What would an alien say if presented with the concept of singularity? What other concepts would he bring forth? The simplest elements of life often go overlooked. Dance to the beat of your own drum as you wish upon a star. We are not alone. Visit Judson Online:

What horror movie has the little girls singing ring around the rosie in true horror fashion?

Thought it was Freddie Kruegar, but not in the original–help please–thanks.



New 2009 singing bust complete!!!

can someone please provide me a link of spooky children singing like in horror films?

i can’t seem to find spooky children singing sound effects .
please.send me a link. DO NOT RECOMMEND ME BANDS. thank you.

don’t bother commenting if it won’t be helpful. thanks.

Haunted Mansion Singing Busts

Videos of The Haunted Mansion Singing Busts

Potters Wax Museum Part 1 ” The Singing Spirits”

An introduction to Potter’s Wax Museum, St. Augustine, Fl. Part 2 will include an investigation at Potter’s. Thank you for watching!

Gemmy Singing Catfish #2

Singing catfish #2 in motion.

Archan singing Pani Paryo nepali rhymes

Nepali rhymes, innocent song with scary sounds

Singing Gemmy Duck

Singing duck in motion.

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