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Can you recommend movies that are similar to Rocky Horror Picture Show?

I really love the movie The Rocky Horror Picture Show, could you please tell me if there are any movies like that? I already know about Little Shop of Horrors, so please let me know all the ones that you know!! Its very much appriciated

I watched a movie similar to Paranormal Activity, I rented it from Blockbuster but can not think of the name?

Ummmm… It was filmed like paranormal activity through like home cameras. It was a movie about how the dad was killed in a car accident, and the mother started to write letters to the dead dad. Then the daughter became possesed of started having weird things happening to her. The brother in the end ended up raping and murdering his sister as well as a paranormal investigators. Supposedly its based on true events. Does anyone know the name of this movie?

Is the movie Paranormal Activity similar to the 1979 Amityville Horror?

Like, is it more of a ghost film that scares you with what you can’t see? Or do they have ghosts you can actually see like with most horror films in recent years?

The Amityville Horror is my favorite horror film, so I’m just trying to see if I’d like P.A.

What are some good horror movies that are similar to The Ring and The Grudge?

I just want to know some good horror movies that are like those…I’m not a fan of the ones with a lot of gore which The Ring and The Grudge do well with so yea.

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