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What kinds of strange things have happened in your home that you believe to be signs of paranormal activity?

Have strange things been happening in your house when you are the only one there and you have tried to tell other members of the family what has been happening,but they just tell you your mind is playing tricks on you till it happens to them?

What are some paranormal experiences you have had that you know were signs of evil to come?

Have you or someone you know had real life encounters with something that you would call not of this world and you knew that it was signs of evil things to come and did days go by and then suddenly some evil happened to a loved one or one of your family members?

Did you experience anything paranormal after the death of your pet?like signs or an apparition?

a long time ago, when our cat passed over, we actually experienced a few things paranormal. It was amazing.

funny signs 2

this is my 2ND video of funny signs and enjoy

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