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Why is there no conspiracy theory section or category?

A conspiracy (theory) section for us open minded skeptics?

We could discuss popular things like 9/11 conspiracies, December 21, 2012/prophecies; Moon Landing Hoax, UFO’s/Aliens, New World Order/Secret Societies, JFK Assassination, Cryptozoology etc.

If we had a conspiracy section, we wouldn’t have to post in other sections about these things which happen to have loads of credible evidence, without being criticized by those who are not knowledgeable on the subjects. Something for people who like to investigate things in everyday life. Also people could also stop worrying about these things such as December 21, 2012 getting posted in their other sections. I often have trouble finding a section to post some such things and when I do they get deleted. So for now it seems I have to stick to specialized forums.

Anyone else think this is a good idea or would it be a good idea? Conspiracy is a very broad subject and has many sub categories of its own. I wonder why there is no conspiracy section. I wish there was some way I could request this.

Is the parapsychology section about skeptics(answers from skeptics about paranormal events)?

I ‘m just trying to figure this out…why there are so many paranormal skeptics on here. Please give sincere,honest answers to this question. Thanks.
PD..Thanks for explaining “where you’re coming from”.! I wish when you disagree, you ‘d give a reason why (instead of just saying”no evidence” or “it’s a lie”) Please tell what happened to you to convince you it’s not true.I’d be interested in that. I’m not here to “promote” paranormal things..but to get understanding about them.Thanks.
Ditto to Kim’s answer!
I can understand why skeptics would be “skeptical” of psychics who charge for services etc…but when “mystical” things happen to regular people &they’re looking for explanations about it,..I don’t understand why the skeptics make fun of them. If skeptics really have proof that these things don’t happen, why don’t they tell their “proof”?Ex: if they believe a rainbow doesn’t exist, give the scientific answer for what “appears” to be a rainbow.
Eagle..Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!! I want to leave your answer on here awhile for others to read.
koko..where has our TC been??? We’ve been needing your help !! psiexp has had to fill in for you!!

If this is the Paranormal Phenomena section, why do questions about religion keep getting posted?

What is with all the questions about the bible, and questioning the beliefs of other religions? I mean, is this person trying to make some sort of point or what?
I think that you either believe in the paranormal or you don’t, and if your belief is based upon your religion, well good for you. Just don’t understand why someone looks to be going after people who don’t follow their religion, like who cares?

Who agrees that the paranormal section should be removed from science and mathematics?

It could be moved to some more fitting spot. But it really has nothing to do with science.

So why would someone who doesn’t believe in ghosts frequent the paranormal phenomena section of YA?

Is it that they wanna start raggin on those who DO believe in ghosts and other presenses?

Mystery, esoteric,cryptozoology Ufo section ???? on questions, what is the category? help?

I am interested on rare extraordinary events, but i don´t find the correctt section for this kind of questions. Can yoou help me find it? Or maybe this category does not exist. Thank you.

Is the paranormal becoming the new Religious section?

Just wondering I see a lot of religious questions asked in the paranormal section. I thought this was the science section.

Is this a paranormal phenomena why so many unbelievers hang in this section, like atheist hang in religion?

Is this a paranormal or do they seek for someone to hold them by the hand taking baby steps to show them proof.

Skeptics how do you feel about the Paranormal section being in Science and Mathematics?

I know yahoo had intended it to be more of a science subject instead of a belief subject but the modern popularity of the Paranormal is really a belief and not a science.

Just wondering how those of you who are actually in the science field or similar training feel about this.

So why would someone who doesn’t believe in ghosts frequent the paranormal phenomena section of YA?

Is it that they wanna start raggin on those who DO believe in ghosts and other presenses?

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