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Can you plan a Halloween party for a sophmore in high school?

I love throwing parties, but Halloween is not my strong point. I am a sophomore in high school, and while most of the kids in my grade drink and smoke, I do not. My group of friends are going to come over for a halloween party (no liquor or drugs) but I don’t know what to do! I want to have a costume party and some games and stuff but I have no idea what kind of games, and food and things like that! Help!

What games/activities should I do for a High school Halloween party?

I don’t want little kids games like “Make a monster” or anything baby-ish. This is for highschoolers, like myself, who don’t want to be treated like a child. I just want people to have fun and for the party not to be a dud. I’m 15 and some of my friends are older than me. None of my friends are younger than me. Oh! And its a costume party.

I don’t know what school to go to for 10th grade (I’m a girl)?

I don’t know what school to go to. I would like to go to a school with uniforms (they look cool, and you don’t get bullied about what you wear. I like to act, take photos, read/write (I am writing a book on I want to learn about cryptozoology (the study of animals that are not scientifically proven to exist) and I would also like to be a vet. I live in FL any comments would be nice please no cussing/cursing thanks for the help, I have been home-schooled almost my whole life.
I do not want to go to private school as I will have to pay/pay more and might not see my family and friends (I might not see a lot of my old friends either way) by the way I am a Christian.
…..I would like to know a name of a school I could go to….

I’m looking for historical, mystery, and horror books to fill my free time during the school day?

I’m going to have a much lighter schedule in the coming weeks due to a semester course ending soon. Thus, I’m going to have a lot of free time during the school day and I’m in need of some reading to fill my time. I love history and horror/mystery books. Are there any classics that you could recommend to me in this genre? Thanks

What games to play at a high school halloween party?

Im in 10th grade and im having a halloween party. Its boy girl and i want to keep the boys entertained what games or activities should we do?

Need a play with a horror theme for Halloween (for high school performing arts department)?

The play can be a comedy or drama or musical.
Do you think Rocky Horror Picture Show: The Musical would be suitable for high school students to perform and see? I know the local university staged it several years ago. What plays could you recommend? Thanks!

Frozen Creek School Ghost

Video taken by amateur ghost hunters at old Frozen Creek School House in Breathitt County Kentucky

What are some good Halloween party games for school?

Can you show your school id to prove your a florida resident to get the discount for halloween horror nights?

im going to halloween horror nights on firday and i wanna know when you buy coke zero and they say you have to have be a florida resident to get the discount with the cupon does anyone know if i could show them my school id to prove that im a florida resident.

Is Paranormal Research Society planning on opening up a school of there own?

On Ryan Buells blog he was talking about snowboard then he said something about a school. This is something from his blog “Maybe when we open up that PRS school we can offer an elective in snowboarding!” So I was just wondering if there was a school that they were going to be opening?

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