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Any ideas for a halloween party, fun games, scary music, wicked decorations?

what is a scary halloween party game?

there will be about 6 of us. we want something that will scare the sh*t out of them. we’re teenagers. we’ll be outside. what are some fun and scary games that will scare them?

What are SCARY Halloween party games for ADULTS?

I am hosting a murder mystery party. I am turning my house into a haunted insane asylum. I’m trying to think of SCARY games/challenges/activities. Guests are in their late 20s & early 30s. For example… So far I am having someone get “locked” in the haunted basement w/ scary music and props. They can’t get out until the other guests successfully complete an outdoor scavenger hunt in the woods, where there is also scary music, props, and people jumping out at them. I need more ideas like this PLEASE!! Everything I’ve found on the internet is either lame or for kids. I want SCARY. And FUN!! My friends are pretty outrageous, they will get into just about anything I throw at them.

What’s a genuinely scary, quality horror book?

I’m relatively new to the horror genre, but I recently finished IT by Stephen King. I enjoyed it greatly, but despite my appreciation for the fear and the characters in the novel, it didn’t keep me up nights. I found it a fun, dark read, but not one that made me keep the lights on. I’m looking for a book that is equal or better quality horror, and will genuinely scare me. Any suggestions?

What are some scary awesome halloween games for teens?

Im having a halloween party for me and my friends, im inviting about 25 or more people and we are all about 13. I wanted to know if anyone had any good ideas for some awesome games. The party will mostly be outside and we have a lot of proberty to use. Plus I live right next to a cemetary so if you have any idea plz plz plz let me know

thank u



Is Paranormal Activity a good and scary movie to see in theaters?

Might go see it, just give me your opinion if you seen it. Please don’t give it away

What elements of Paranormal Activity did you think made it scary?

what about Paranormal Activity scared you? please be specific!

Was the movie Paranormal Activity really that scary ?

Me and my friends were planning on seeing Paranormal Activity this weekend, but 5 of them already chickened out because they heard everybody else’s review on the movie, saying “It was the scariest movie I’ve ever seen” and “I couldn’t sleep the night i saw it”. I really want to see the movie, but now I’m having second thoughts… should i see it or not?

What are some good scary Mexican/Spanish horror films?

I want to buy my grandparents, who are both Mexican and fluent in Spanish, a scary Mexican/Spanish horror film? Any good suggestions?

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