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Ghost Adventures Live – Robert Bess Fail

I Kinda thought this guy was a joke…he brought his machine (Parabot) so im sure he did what it takes to make it seem like it worked….JUST MY THOUGHT! Twitter: Gilly131 I need followers!! =) 1:20 – That URRRR sound was Robert, he was doing that all night he was there… 1:57 – Pretty much self explanatory lol 4:05 – He made sure the coast was clear, and slammed the door himself….. 5:25 – Nick puts his camera on robert as he passes by, Might think something is fishy about him, just like we all thought. 5:50 – ? 6:10 – I’m sure Zak was talking about Jason of Ghost Hunters, Zak even makes his voice deep lol 6:40 – Notice the title of the clip “THE THROW” lol again this is just MY thought….. I hope this Robert Bess guy didn’t put this show on jeopardy, I really like this show.

Oh, Whistle And I’ll Come To You, My Lad by MR James, told by Robert Powell – Part 1

MR James finest ghost story, told by Robert Powell from the series ‘Classic Ghost Stories’ broadcast Christmas 1986

robert the doll

this doll is haunted or has a spirit of its own . a true story from what it seems

Robert The Doll In Key West

A Video tour of Robert The Haunted Doll in Key West

Ghost of General Robert E. Lee in Gettysburg

On October 10th, 2008 at 8 PM EST Travel Channel and the Most Haunted team will travel to Gettysburg, PA to investigate 100 years of ghostly sightings.

Spirits, Unusual Pairings and Robert Downey, Jr

Hiya! So, lots of stuff going on. Doing a play called The Odd Couple, a show I worked on is premiering on A&E, and Robert Downey, Jr is in town! Links: Odd Couple http Extreme Paranormal Due Date filming in Las Cruces: My friend Dylan:

Jacques Olivier Molon freddy Krueger Dédicace Robert Englund Gizelfoker Google : “gizelfoker”

What would you do if your visiting Robert the haunted doll and he escape from his case?

One day the haunted doll will probley tap so hard on his case he will run around to get you.

Wailing Well by MR James, told by Robert Powell – Part 2

Robert Powell as MR James telling the ghost story ‘Wailing Well’, from ‘Classic Ghost Stories’ broadcast Christmas 1986

JUMP! Halloween Music Video for Robert

My second attempt at making a music video… turned out pretty cute :)

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