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Can you separate your interest in the paranormal from your religion?

Or are the two intertwined too closely?
@Inteleyes – sounds like you’re suffering from religious paranoia of some sort – we’re at war with the spirit world? See a mental health professional please.

@Ghost Hunter13 – do you have to keep shouting your answers to every question?

If this is the Paranormal Phenomena section, why do questions about religion keep getting posted?

What is with all the questions about the bible, and questioning the beliefs of other religions? I mean, is this person trying to make some sort of point or what?
I think that you either believe in the paranormal or you don’t, and if your belief is based upon your religion, well good for you. Just don’t understand why someone looks to be going after people who don’t follow their religion, like who cares?

is producing horror movies considered a sin to the christian religion?

the reason i ask is because your giving people nightmares and people get killed in every horror movie. so is it a sin?

Does Religion have to have “spooky” language like the great comedian George Carlin noted?

In most conversations involving religion people ultimately get to a point where they say some pretty scary or irrational things. Such as a virgin gave birth or a man came back from the dead or even that they have talked to a God. Is there some kind of mass hypnosis going on with religion or what makes people say things you would not accept in any situation?

Is this a paranormal phenomena why so many unbelievers hang in this section, like atheist hang in religion?

Is this a paranormal or do they seek for someone to hold them by the hand taking baby steps to show them proof.

Black Devils Do Exist – Masters of Deception Religion and Governments

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Is there a Religion for people who believe in the paranormal?

Why is it so hard for people to believe in Ghosts and the paranormal? What about all the people who have experienced it? Are we all crazy? Is there a place for people with unexplainable gifts to go for support? God and the paranormal exist . Has anyone ever seen God or do you believe in God because that is what you were taught? I believe in God. I love God very much but I know there is more out there.

What religion is this in belief?

Hey im just wonderin what religion i am. I believe there is 1 god that is in the sky what we see as the sun *i’m talking about the official sun, not sun god* and kinda in Jesus and his miracles. I believe that when you die you get reincarnated after being in heaven for a certain time period, however you need to be good or you will get reincarnated into something like a tree or an animal and not a human being. I also believe that before humans came there were prehistoric animals like dinosaurs. i also believe in ghosts, aliens, and cryptids like bigfoot and the chupacabra. I think all things have spirits (this includes rocks, mountains, trees, rivers, animals, etc.) I believe you run by your soul, that is how you control yourself officially and you’ll always be the same soul, but a different person. I kind of believe in the buddhist karma except if you do something good in this life it will not give karma, you get the karma in the next life. If you are the nicest person and never do anything wrong, you will get to pick who or what you want to be in your next life.

What is a good idea of a religion name for this?

I am making up a religion since nothing fits me. What should I call it, this is my beliefs: I believe there is 1 god and kinda in Jesus and his Miracles. I also believe that when you die you get reincarnated, however you need to be good or you will reincarnate into something like a tree or an animal and not a human being. I think that before humans came there were prehistoric animals like Dinosaurs. I also believe in ghosts, aliens, and cryptids like bigfoot and chupacabra.
I am thinking something with a P because the symbol will be a P in Papyrus font and I will put a line through the line in P so it looks like a P cross. But if you can think of another symbol at all and any name at all that’d be great!

Why do people believe in ghosts and religion?

Why does the majority of the modern man irrationally believe in things that have no proof or evidence?

When do you think people will stop believing in this bullsh*t?

I’ve given the finger to all the gods and nothing has happened to me. My friend’s grandma passed away in his house and he claimed he could see her ghost at night. He also claimed his grandpa had ghost eyes and could see ghosts. Well, I slept over at his house, and I slept in his basement alone and nothing happened to me.

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