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What are some good Halloween party recipes for 12-14 year olds?

I’m having my 13th birthday soon. Any recipe ideas? Or even party game ideas? Thanx!

some good halloween party ideas, games, recipes and anything else that should be at a halloween party. I’m 13.

Do you have any good websites for Halloween recipes and games?

I am throwing my daughter a Halloween party and she’s 11 almost 12. I need any good websites for good Halloween recipes, games, scary stories, Halloween party tips. If you do please answer. Thanks! <3 :D


I’m planning on having a Halloween party in October. I need some great party tips, games, recipes and cheap decorations and prizes. And please no links.
Thanks and Happy Halloween,
I love Autumn. ( P.S. I need this to be cheap.)

What are some REALLY easy cute Halloween recipes that i can serve at my spooky Halloween party?

Fun stuff to do at a campfire? Any spooky legends or recipes ect?

So its summer and Im really REALLY bored to tears so me and my cousins are thinbking of doing a campfire so got anything I can do to have fun? Like any stories , recepies games good truth or dare questions?

What are some cool halloween recipes for a party?

My 7 year old sister was sick this week and my parents don’t want her to get more sick. She can’t go trick or treating so we want to bring the hallowwn fun to her. We are going to be doing a little halloween party of just my parents and siblings. I need some recipes that my 7 year old sister can help with but I would like halloween themed stuff.Any recipes? Any ideas for decorations?Thanks in advance!

What are some really good Halloween recipes?

I need some good halloween party recipes that are fairly simply to make. Am looking for main dish, appitizers, snacks, desserts, and drinks. Mainly appitizers and snacks. Thanks!

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