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What questions would be good to ask on a paranormal questionnaire to investigate a haunting of a private home?

Any and all thought will be appreciated so let loose with whatever you would ask if you were running an investigation. Thanks in advance!
Thanks for the answers thus far! I am looking mostly for questions to ask the client, however the ghost questions are good too.

Rocky Horror Picture Show Live Questions.?

I want to know the answers because I was thinking about going. Either live or at a theater.
1.) What happens to the “virgins” in the virgin sacrifice?
2.) I need a good script, for the shouting back lines, got one?
3.) How about some props? What are some to bring? And the reasons to bring them?

Not many, but thanks. :D

When answering paranormal questions do the believers ever consider mental Illness?

Many questions I see it is evident the asker may need help, but the only ones who give them advise to seek help seem to be the skeptics. Why is this?

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Mystery, esoteric,cryptozoology Ufo section ???? on questions, what is the category? help?

I am interested on rare extraordinary events, but i don´t find the correctt section for this kind of questions. Can yoou help me find it? Or maybe this category does not exist. Thank you.

20 questions

a random bunch of questions a new pair of shoes an[ew] wallet and a lil ghost story :)

Questions about cryptozoology…?

I am interested in studying the field of cryptozoology but I can’t find the information I want on the internet.

Does anybody know what college classes are necessary to become a cryptozoologist?
Does anybody know how much money they make?

Please help if you have the knowledge.


Why do people bother to answer paranormal questions when they don’t believe in it?

Honestly, haven’t folks got better questions to answer or better things to do then jump in and insult people asking questions about paranormal phenomenon? If you don’t believe in paranormal occurrences, then just MOVE ON! Stop trying to bogart easy points by stopping by a question and offering nothing- just keep going, no one will miss you.
Might taking Paranormal Phenom out of Science and Mathematics be a good idea?
I believe that Paranormal Phenomena should be moved out of Science and Mathematics but Parapsychology left in the Sci/Math category, although as one commenter remarked, the pseudo-skeptics or cynical types would probably seek out posts and continue their onslaught no matter where it is. I enjoy a healthy dose of skepticism and I consider myself more of a skeptic than a believer most of the time, but I find it sad that there are people out there ‘stalking’ this category to ridicule others and add nothing of benefit other than personal attacks, and it occurs rather frequently.

What types of questions do paranormal investigators ask when first meeting a client?

I am writing a book in which the main character schedules a meeting with a paranormal investigator. I want to make the interaction as real as possible. Any advice would be appreciated.

Why does Yahoo NEVER direct my questions on the paranormal to this category, they almost always get directed?

to the mythology and folklore section! Also it seems to me that the only way to have a question directed to this category is to put the actual word paranormal in it, hence all of the questions about the movie Paranormal Activity in this section.

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