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Halloween party game ideas…?? nothing like pass the pumpkin, the party will mostly be adults…thanks :)?

also if the games could be kid friendly as well would be great..thanks for the help!

HOW TO carve a Pumpkin for halloween [HD]

in this tutorial i’ll teach you on how to carve a pumpkin for halloween!! happy halloween rate, comment and SUBSCRIBE!

How decorate a very scary pumpkin? Theam: horror films?

Hi. I have to decorate a pumpkin for work. The theme is horror films. I’m not a big horror movie fan. It has to be done by tomorrow. This is a contest between our different offices so I would like to win. I was thinking of carving a pumpkin like grip reeper, Chucky Child’s Play, Freddy Krueger, Sam Trick ‘r Treat, Friday the 13th, or Pinhead Hellraiser. I’m not sure what movie to go with or do you know of one. What props could I use and I do not what to spend a lot. I was thinking a pan or a box filled with dirt and worms and the carved pumpkin. May be some blood, fake knife, hands and fingers the more the scary the better. If I go with chucky I would get a doll. Need help please.

Halloween props large mental pumpkin with floating lights

Halloween props large mental pumpkin with floating lights This is one of my favourite props. It a large iron pumpkin that has fake tea light that look they float.

What’s a clever, kind of spooky name for a pumpkin patch/apple orchard?

My step-mother is opening her own orchard/pumpkin patch and can’t think of a good name for it so she called me- and I didn’t have any ideas either so we’re counting on you lol.

Halloween Props – Pumpkin Animated Giggle Buddies

Get this Animated pumpkin giggle buddy at

FREE REALMS Pumpkin Prince Died Music Video

Happy Halloween

Crazy Jumpin Pumpkin – The Halloween Jump !

this is the video with the ‘Crazy Jumpin Pumpkin’ on ‘The Halloween Jump !’ single by B2DANCE – cool jump track

lighted pumpkin head hanging prop

Hanging white face pumpkin head with color changing led lights

Fun Halloween story: Jack, the depressed pumpkin

Jack is a pumpkin with a severe Halloween depression. He visits a shrink, but the nightmares keep coming back, despite the tranquilizers. Jack ends up in the gutter after a night of booze, drugs and partying. Who can help him?

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