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1980 Psychic’s predictions for 2012 – JACQUES NIETZERMANN?

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Paranormal researchers! Do you test or investigate claims of psychics faith healers etc?

I know most just hunt for ghost but does anyone investigate the other paranormal claims?

Just for the public, who here believes in the paranormal, and true legit psychics?

And for those that do please share your stories of your experiences and hauntings around your area. I’m soon becoming a paranormal investigator and I’d like some tips on any haunted locations in your area. Thank You.

Psychics Take A Break! A Psychic Discussion by Sunshine Rose

Edgar Cayce’s Guide Stated that Edgar Cayce Should Not Do More than Two Akashic Record Readings A Day, because it would shorten his life. Psychic’s Are Energy Readers, and after some time of reading much Energy we can actually become drained and start feeling ill or groggy. So We have to remember to give ourselves a break from time to time! Namaste!

Tour of Backyard Investigated by Psy-Chics + EVPs

A daylight view of the woods behind my backyard that the Psy-Chics team has investigated several times. There are also several EVPs from these investigations at the end, so if you are bored with the video hang in to the end! I don’t know if these are ghosts, but they are voices!

Children Psychics

Children Psychics

Prejudice Against Psychics (Sunshine-Rose) Reiki Master

Just me venting about Psychics and how we have prejudice

What is the official position in the scientific community concerning ghosts and psychics?

Is it a Yay/Nay – Or still an open question?
Is it a Yay/Nay – Or still an open question?

Paranormal & Psychics

Tiff talks about the benefits of having a psychic on paranormal investigations.

What does the Quran say about psychics and the paranormal?

I’m muslim and I have a strong believe in psychics and paranormal activites i just wnated to know what the Quran says

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