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Can you show your school id to prove your a florida resident to get the discount for halloween horror nights?

im going to halloween horror nights on firday and i wanna know when you buy coke zero and they say you have to have be a florida resident to get the discount with the cupon does anyone know if i could show them my school id to prove that im a florida resident.

What is the reason that nobody has been able to prove any paranormal ability?

James Randi, magician and skeptical, offers a prize of one million dollars to any person able to prove a paranormal ability. To this day, nobody has been able to win the prize.

If there are many persons claiming to have different paranormal powers, and are earning substantial amounts of money fooling gullible persons, why they don’t make a simple scientific test to easily earn a million?

(Please check the SOURCE provided by the user Links for more information about the prize).

has anyone had a TRUE paranormal experience to prove that ghosts are real?

only answer this question if you have had a completely sure paranormal experience yourself. and please don’t lie. i really want to know if they are real. and please dont answer this question if you just plan on saying “no they are not real”. i want true life experiences.. not things you heard from a friend or tv. thanks.

How can we prove or disprove the existence or ghosts?

Is it possible to prove the existence of ghosts, spirits, and demons? Will we ever prove or disprove it or will know one ever know?

And do YOU believe in ghosts, spirits, and/or demons?
You guys are acting like it’s the most difficult question in the world. What do you mean I have to be more specific, it’s a simple question….will we ever be able to prove or disprove the exsistence of ghosts?

Hundreds of years ago, people didn’t think it was possible to heat food in just a few seconds and eat it, but that was proven to be possible by the microwave.

How do you prove paranormal activity?

As I understand it the job of paranormal research is to prove to us that paranormal activity does in fact exist. so how is this done? Just curious. I am considering joining a paranormal group myself.

How would we be able to scientifically prove the existence ghosts?

What I mean is, if we found out scientifically that ghosts did indeed exist, how do you imagine we would come to that conclusion? What would be the process?

Bonus question: Do you believe in ghosts, and what is your non-religion/religion?

Thank you guys and girls!

What kind of evidence scientists are looking for to prove that ghosts are real?

Forget movies like “Ghostbusters” there is no way you can capture a ghost or bring a dead body of a ghost (because they are dead to begin with). The only way ghosts can be documented is with a cassette recorder to capture EVP & good videos of objects moving by themselves or apparitions. But since some scientists are skeptical what other proof do they need?

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