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how to make halloweenn props “lanterns”

How to make Halloween props “lantern” i got the two lanterns at family dollor for 3 bucks a peace and the tea lights 2 for a buck at the dollor store. im planing on takin a rustic spray paint the lantern removing the glass and putting fake blood on it after all that i will be in to it about 5 bucks a peace thats alot better than 20 bucks on the top halloween web sits.

don’t you think violence isn’t the answer it props alot of questions?

that no matter if it’s homosexuality vs. whatever or enslavement (which we all bear at this point) that it’s sick for violence to be the master of almost all of it? Because we are so divided in our minds and hearts this is as good as it gets? I find eugenics disgusting – even more disgusting that they think they wont be judged and can try to call me an idiot for trying to get the truth out. Division is deception get a clue.

My overall point: Nothing is justifiable if you are using violence that includes all arguements. I find it interesting to mention homosexuality because I see all they do is argue and I’ve heard horror stories of them beating the hell out of people who didn’t agree – also bohemian grove and government cultism – orgys with homosexual acts etc.

Is it really worth all the violence? this is coming from some one who knows how it feels to feel that way btw – but I have turned out of my own heart because I truly believe it isn’t worth it for many personal reasons that would take too long to type..let me mention a few 1) in the bible it talks about those who commit homosexuality how the land will reject them (spew them out i.e. tornadoe floods etc) I can’t imagine putting any one in harms way for my own selfish desires.

But this isn’t about my personal stuff which I just told you..this is all back to is it really worth the violence – one way or the other I wont tell you how to live your life at the same token what gives you the right to tell christians how to lives their’s they are just a voice in a crowd of people trying to help others. so you disagree with them then form your own union – why cause division when division is the route of all wars – why not use that energy into forming your own community your own church – I am not condoning it but I believe it is a lesser evil than a gay person getting in a fight and killing some one over their “feelings”

that’s my thoughts hope it wasn’t too vague..and hopefully understandable to read.
the bitter truth – yeah they do it because they can I know…but why does that HAVE to be is what I’m saying – just because you have the power to do something why does it make it right.
you see all white churches for instance and all black but you don’t see them yelling racism and throwing each other in jail.. Body Props – Surprising Foot is the place to buy creepy fake halloween props and fake body parts online. This short video segment is to help the customers get a better idea about the quality of the fake bloody body props. This clip is for the Surprising Foot. It looks like a human foot but is really fake. Perfect for pranks, jokes or props.

Where to get movie props from?

Hi. Im 14, and scene as halloween is coming up in a few weeks, me and my friends want to make a horror movie. I want to base it a bit like saw 1. Where two people have shackles round their feet, and a chain is coming off the shackle, going to a post, the wall, or some sort of pipe. i have looked round the net for shackes and chains, but I can’t seem to find anything.

I want the chain and shackle to be strong metal (maby steel, or iron) but I don’t know where to get this.

I would strongly appreciate if you could help me on this.



peter’s scary props

Halloween Props – Sitting Black Cat With Glowing Eyes

Black scary Halloween cat

RJL Production’s cheap store bought props

most expensive thing i have in this video is the head which cost $25 so all of this is easy to find and cheap HS302 HILLBILLY SHUTTERS HALLOWEEN PROPS

HS302 HILLBILLY SHUTTERS bang fast then fly open with Hillbilly leaning forward with independent head movement, Plus screaming sounds. Comes with Character, Pneumatics, Shutters, controller, motion sensor and powered speakers. Find this prop and many more at

Homemade Halloween Costumes and Props


were can you get props for less than 100 dollars?

I help out a horror place and i need something scary and cheep! BUT I NEED IT FAST!!!

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