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Animal X NMU Winged Creatures Promo

Winged Creatures have swooped down on us for centuries. The most famous – Mothman. This episode investigates this infamous sighting, and two others in Mexico. Scary? oh yes

Animal X Natural Mystery Unit – Monsters of the Deep Promo

Daniel and Natalie investigate sightings of monstors of the deep.

where do I find promo codes for the movie paranormal activity?

where do I find promo codes for the movie paranormal activity?

Ghost Adventures Season 4 Promo

For more Ghost Adventures, visit Ghost Adventures returns Friday Sept. 17th, only on Travel Channel. Don’t miss it! Copyright 2010: Travel Channel, LLC.

Bloopers from the Promo Video for NAPS

North American Paranormal Society tries to get through our 1st promo video for a contest. Enjoy!

Promo – Ghostly Creatures Animal X Natural Mystery Unit

Throughout history, humanity has been troubled by ghostly apparitions. Castles are said to be haunted for eternity by the souls of their original inhabitants. But are there such things as ghostly animals? When animals die can they too come back to haunt us? The Animal X – Natural Mystery Unit travels to Olde England where Daniel and Natalie visit some of the world’s most haunted locations and talk with witnesses and specialists about the animal ghosts that are known to haunt them. At Pengersick , Britain’s most haunted castle, they encounter a strange voice speaking from beyond and capture ghostly Orbs on their infra-red stealth cameras. They join a team of psychics as they try to contact Britain’s last bear and meet a woman who has communicated with her dead animal companions. Do animals have souls? Will The Animal X – Natural Mystery Unit prove that animal ghosts exist?

PJ’s Party Supply’s Halloween Promo 2009!

Get a glimpse at what we have to offer this year for all your Halloween parties, haunted houses, or anything else you can come up with! In this video we preview some of the many props and toys available to you this year! Enjoy! PJ’s Party Supply (940) 384-PRTY (7789) Open 7 days a week Monday – Friday: 10am – 7pm Saturday 9am – 6pm Sunday 12pm – 6pm OCTOBER HOURS Monday – Friday 10am – 8pm Saturday 9am – 8pm Sunday 12pm – 8pm Visit us on the web! Find us on Facebook! http

New Season Mysterious Midwest Promo

Here is the new season promo for Mysterious Midwest. Mysterious Midwest is paranormal documentary series produced by Nick Evert and Paul Beaver. The series premiered in the Fall of 2009 on Halloween weekend. The program showcases first hand accounts and investigations of paranormal, bizarre, and or inexplicable events. Mysterious Midwest works with The Munroe Falls Paranormal Society on many of the episodes. The paranormal team provides evidence analysis for the documentary aspect of the show and for the reality aspect of the show, the team becomes the focus during their overnight investigations of supposed haunted locations. Mysterious Midwest offers genuine paranormal chronicles and evidence and leaves the conclusion open ended and to the discretion of the viewer.

Josh Gates “Sharktopus” Promo – Poor Quality

part of it is cut off because sometimes, you’re not quick enough even when sitting around waiting for a commercial LOL Twitter @DTonSYFYfans

The Biography Channel Latinoamérica – Promo 2010

The Biography Channel es el único canal de televisión paga dedicado exclusivamente a relatos de la vida real, desde una visión profunda y objetiva de las vidas de personalidades famosas, carismáticas y fascinantes que han impactado a nuestra civilización, entre ellas estrellas de Hollywood, líderes del mundo, artistas, escritores, monarcas, deportistas, empresarios y muchos más, hasta los impactantes y conmovedores testimonios de gente común a través de series como I Survived, Obsessed, y Celebrity Ghost Stories.

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