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Im having a lil Halloween party, inviting some people. Any good games to play ? =] *10 points fr help!*?

Tween-Teen Halloween Party! I need information on games, food ,everything!!!! Easy 10 points!?

Hi! Ok so for my bday party I am hosting a halloween party. I am not sure yet if it’s going to be a girl -boy party or not. annnyway :) I have chosen some decorations from spirit halloween but I still need help on:
Invitations (where can I get a pack of good halloween party invitations?)
Games (maybe apple bobbing)
Some songs for a playlist for the music playing throughout the party (Pop songs mainly, gaga, justin bieber, Ke$ha, Taio Cruz that sort of thing. a LIST of songs please
and anything else I will need at the party. NO we are not going trick or treating so please don’t suggest it!
I said TWEEN to Teen! sorry for not clarifiying but that means 12-14 year olds. No decorations no oinvites is stupid boring and not social suicide. Your obviiiously not getting best answer.


How To Play : Just Say What You Favorite Or Worst Movie Yove Seen Is Based On The Catorgory

Here Are Your Questions:

All Time Fav:
All Time Worst:
Fav Comady:
Worst Comady:
Fav Horror:
Worst Horror:
Fav Documenty:
Worst Documentry:
Fav Thriller/Mystery:
Worst Thriller/Mystery:
Fav Animation/Disney:
Worst Animation:
Fav Family:
Worst Family:
Fav Acton:
Worst Acton:
Fav Spoof/Parody:
Worst Spoof/Parody:
Time For Awards People Would Give At The Oscars

Best Costumes:
Best Set/Props:
Most Goryist Flim Ever:
Best Acting:
Best Actor In A Movie { Put Actor And Movie He Was In }
Best Actress In A Movie{ Same As Actor But Put A Woman And Movie}
Best Movie Poster:
Sadest Movie:
Best Feel Good Movie:
Worst Movie Poster:
Worst Props/Set:
Worst Actress In A Movie:
Worst Actor In A Movie:
Worst Costumes:

plot for a scary movie 10 points for best?

please help im trying to
MAKE a short horror film
about 15 minutes i have props and all but no plot
please give me a plot and a twist and get 10 points asap if your answer is the bomb

What do I need to make a sims 2 movie? PLEEZ HELP10 POINTS?

I especially love the horror genre. i know, first off, i need the game. but that’s all i know. what else would enhance my movies? where can i find props? what are extension packs? how do you shoot the movie? work the camera? i need help!!!

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