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Please help if you can?

Does anyone know any forums where I can meet and chat with other people that share my love of the paranomal, world mysteries, cryptozoology etc?

Please only paranormal investigators answer this question. On first investigation- what ways to be prepaired?

Seriously now.
It isn’t a game it is a real investigation.
How does a first timer prepare for such an experience?

what are some great Halloween games I need them for a Halloween party that is in 33 days! some please help me!?

i need to know some games for my Halloween party and i don’t have much time i need enough games and activities to keep people happy for 4 to 5 hours can any one help me!?!?!?

Researching the Mokele-Mbembe. Need help please.?

Anyone who knows about cryptozoology will know what this creature is. I’d like to gather lots of information about it and hopefully conduct an expedition in a few years. Links to documentaries, literature etc would be very much appreciated. I’ve seen the Monsterquest expedition but other than that I know very little about it. Thanks in advance. :)


Hi, my daughter is having a halloween party with some friends (and boys!) and she wanted to know some fun (not kiddy) games to play. She is 14 years old. Anybody have ideas? Thanks!

looking for some picture, please help?

I’m looking for a picture that had to do with cryptozoology. The photo featured a big black cat in a grassland and all you could see of it was it’s basic body shape and glowing eyes. I found a similar pic on some german site, but the picture i’m looking for showed the cat’s head in an upright position and possibly facing the right.
nevermind i found it. it’s the Beast of Bodmin Moor

Can you please suggest me a good horror movie?

I like horror movies but i am not a big fan of blood and gore, wouldn’t mind if it is not blown out of proportion. I enjoy movies which are supernatural suspense thrillers. Few movies that are my favorites are The ring, Sleepy hollow, Frailty, Carrie, Blair witch project……
Please suggest me a movie for tonight so that i can go n pick it from blockbuster.. Thanks

People ages 13-14 answer only! What are good teen Halloween party games? HELP PLEASE!?

I’m having 7 people over and I need to have some fun, but not too childish Halloween party games! Anyone have any good ideas? I’m 14.


Me and my friends want to make a horror movie, but we dont have a video camera. We need a good video camera for filming ( good sound and picture quality), a USB port, and preferably it can film in the dark. PLEASE nothing of 200 dollars! We have to buy props and other stuff so we need as cheap as we can get without sacrificing to much quality. ALSO we need one that can hold at least 2 hours of footage (duh) for the movie.

Could you recommend me some horror movies please?

I love to watch horror movies, but my list is running low, could you please tell me a list of horror movies to watch? whether its old or new.

Thank you very much.

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