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Im planning a halloween party (FOR TEENS), any game ideas?

NEed game ideas for the party im throwing, games that will get the party people excited or things that are cool.

I am planning a halloween party for 20 8 year olds does anyone have really fun games for them to play?

Also we are doing a haunted house any good ideas?

Need help in planning a Kintergarden Halloween party – prizes – games – etc…?

i really want to make it a hit but have no idea where to start… Thanks alot for any and all suggestions!!!

Is Paranormal Research Society planning on opening up a school of there own?

On Ryan Buells blog he was talking about snowboard then he said something about a school. This is something from his blog “Maybe when we open up that PRS school we can offer an elective in snowboarding!” So I was just wondering if there was a school that they were going to be opening?

My family, friends and I are planning on having a haunted yard this Halloween. Where can we find props?

We need to find props at a cheap price. All I could find online were the larger equipment (like the ones you would use for a full size haunted house).

I will also need some good ideals (My first time putting a haunted yard together), We already have a big iron pot that could be used for a witch pot, and some victorian style black dresses. We are going to buy fog machines, strobe lights, and black lights.

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