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Can you plan a Halloween party for a sophmore in high school?

I love throwing parties, but Halloween is not my strong point. I am a sophomore in high school, and while most of the kids in my grade drink and smoke, I do not. My group of friends are going to come over for a halloween party (no liquor or drugs) but I don’t know what to do! I want to have a costume party and some games and stuff but I have no idea what kind of games, and food and things like that! Help!

Do you have party ideas for fast back-up plan Halloween party?

It’s supposed to pour tomorrow night, and trick-or-treating might be off. Need some idease for a few parents to put together a Halloween party. We’l have a scavenger hunt for pumpkins around the house, then decorate them w/ googly eyes, yarn hair, etc. I have apples for bobbing. What are other inexpensive Halloween inspired games. Mostly 7-10 year olds.

My Halloween Plan 2010

My Halloween Plans for 2010, First time celebrating Halloween like this. Plus I was bored and had nothing to do……. anyway enjoy although its not much to enjoy hahaha

Can some plan a spooky halloween party for me?

Halloween house party – spooky theme. Everyone has to come in spooky costume like ghosts, witches etc. Im going as a devil.

I need idea for things to do, spooky food, Spooky drinks, decorations,and any other good ideas!

How to plan a halloween party?

So halloween is coming up soon … and I’m planning to have all of my friends over and throw a halloween party. How can I plan one that is fun, sophisticated, and totally memorable? What should we do at the party? What food should we serve? Any fun activities?
Thanks in advance.

How to Plan a Halloween Party : How to Pick Halloween Music for a Party

What would a Halloween party be without music? Learn about selecting the right Halloween music for your adult party in this free video clip. Expert: Matt Cail Contact: Bio: Matt Cail is an artist who works in oil, water color and acrylic paints, among others. Filmmaker: randy primm

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