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Can you picture any of the Disney Channel stars in a Horror movie?

I just cant! well except for my cousin Hil.

Who can you NOT picture? and Who CAN u picture in a Horror movie?

Where can I find an animated picture of the ending of Paranormal Activity?

Where she gives a smile and eats the camera.

Can I wear my Sarah Palin Halloween costume to the Rocky Horror Picture show?

Can I wear my Sarah Palin Halloween costume to the Rocky Horror Picture show or will people make fun of me? I’ve never been to a show before and I don’t want to be singled out as a “virgin,” but the show is on Halloween and I’m Sarah Palin for an office party that day.

Could someone write out the whole plot of The Rocky Horror Picture Show?

I want to get some things straight.
I want to know about the Eddie/Rocky Horror situation and stuff.

what do you bring to a showing of rocky horror picture show?

my friends and i want to go to see the rocky horror picture show in theaters. we know that we have to bring stuff and we have to dress up but we dont know what do dress up as or what do bring.

I would like to stream The Rocky Horror Picture Show to my iPhone ?

I have searched many iphone/ipod movie streaming sites but I can’t seem to find The Rocky Horror Picture Show anywhere. Can someone please give me a good site so I can stream on my iPhone?

Can you recommend movies that are similar to Rocky Horror Picture Show?

I really love the movie The Rocky Horror Picture Show, could you please tell me if there are any movies like that? I already know about Little Shop of Horrors, so please let me know all the ones that you know!! Its very much appriciated

looking for some picture, please help?

I’m looking for a picture that had to do with cryptozoology. The photo featured a big black cat in a grassland and all you could see of it was it’s basic body shape and glowing eyes. I found a similar pic on some german site, but the picture i’m looking for showed the cat’s head in an upright position and possibly facing the right.
nevermind i found it. it’s the Beast of Bodmin Moor

How do people dress to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show?

I’m gonna see the Rocky Horror Picture Show in Hollywood this weekend, and I hear people “dress up.” Dress up as in dress like the characters, or dress fancy, or dress crazy? What kind of crazy? If you’ve been, let me know!

Does anyone know a good photo program or drawing program to make a picture for my horror film?

Is there a program like Adobe Photoshop or some professional like photo or drawing program to make a photo for my horror film? When i say photo I mean like Title POSTER.

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