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Do you have paranormal phenomena in your home?

I have a ghost or 2 in my house. They like to move stuff around alot.
Anyone else with ghosts?

Are paranormal phenomena actually a product of our subconscious activity?

You know like strong brain waves that can move things, show strange things. I am no expert on this field but I think that it might be possible as our brain has amazing capabilities we don’t know yet. Maybe it can make its own reality sometimes!

Atheists, have any one of you investigated supposedly paranormal phenomena?

And what do you think of people who say they are professional paranormal investigators?

Are believers in Paranormal phenomena afraid of science?

Believers who are interested in paranormal research seem to quickly discard conflicting points of view which should be explored. They criticize other fields of science for not spending endless dollars and hours exploring paranormal phenomena. Are these people actually afraid that science will prove their belief wrong?

What thinks you to be the true in paranormal phenomena?

I think that a ghost and supernatural power are lies, and a UFO is true.

Would this camera work for trying take pictures of spirits/paranormal phenomena?

I have a HP Photosmart R607
and if you are familar with the camera what setting should I have it on?

If this is the Paranormal Phenomena section, why do questions about religion keep getting posted?

What is with all the questions about the bible, and questioning the beliefs of other religions? I mean, is this person trying to make some sort of point or what?
I think that you either believe in the paranormal or you don’t, and if your belief is based upon your religion, well good for you. Just don’t understand why someone looks to be going after people who don’t follow their religion, like who cares?

What kind of paranormal phenomena do you believe or not believe in?

There is no wrong answer. I just want to post a blog on myspace about what I believe in. I want to know if there are other people out there that have experinced some things like I have too. Well thats what a blog if for right???

Are there any published papers proving any paranormal phenomena?

Not trying to stir it up, I just wondered if there is any scientific evidence to support the existence of any paranormal phenomena. By scientific evidence I mean a tested hypothesis published in a scientific journal.
To respond: no, I’m not ‘baiting’ anyone. It’s just that evidence gathered by the scientific method is to me most convincing. More convincing than my own perceptions in an uncontrolled environment!

And you’re right, science only provides proof for things if you it is acceptable to make fundamental assumptions unpon which the science relies.

So why would someone who doesn’t believe in ghosts frequent the paranormal phenomena section of YA?

Is it that they wanna start raggin on those who DO believe in ghosts and other presenses?

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