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Halloween party game ideas…?? nothing like pass the pumpkin, the party will mostly be adults…thanks :)?

also if the games could be kid friendly as well would be great..thanks for the help!

If I have A Universal Studios Yearly pass do I still need to buy tickets to Halloween Horror nights 2010?

I have the yearly pass, but do I have to pay extra to go to the Halloween Horror nights? I really want to go!

Should I buy an Express Pass to Halloween Horror nights in Orlando Oct 5th even though its a Sunday?

I am planning a trip to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios in Orlando on Ocotber 5th. This is a Sunday. Should I buy a Express Pass or is it Quiet enough on Sundays especially early on in October

Do I need an express pass for halloween horror nights?

Im going to halloween horror nights in orlando and want to know if I should buy the express pass too. I’ll be there on the 7th of october which is a thursday.

Michaels Lord of the Rings: AOCC Pass only

Michael’s Lord of the Rings, AOCC Pass This animation is rife with exotic plantlife and bizarre creatures. It took 48 hours to render! Notice the “jiggling” effect on Lothar’s flabby flesh. I used 3 types of jiggle: soft body dynamics, jiggle deformer, and Maya ncloth (water balloon preset blended w chain mail preset) This was my first time experimenting with Maya paint effects, and I may have gone overboard, transforming the generic Maya paint effects “feeding creature” into a hero character, comments?

could you pass me a list of spooky music?

With orchestra. It may be just instrumental too. Please.

10 points.

Has anyone ever done everything at Halloween Horror Nights without an Express Pass in mid October?

Has anyone in the past 3 years been able to do everything at Halloween Horror Nights (Houses, Scare Zones, Shows) WITHOUT having an Express Pass in mid October? Just curious, I’m not sure if I want to pay for the express pass if it is a possibility to see everything without it. I’m planning on going on a Thursday maybe the 14th or 21st. It’ll be fine if I can’t do the rides or if I have to skip one of the shows. I appreciate any help, thanks!

Can i use my free movie pass to see new moon or paranormal activity?

the pass is for AMC. but on it it says i can use it for any movie but not for special engagements. what does that mean?

i know new moon hasnt came out yet but when it does, could i see it using my free movie pass?

and i might go see paranormal activity tonight, would i be able to use my free movie pass?

How do ghosts pass through walls, yet they can stand, walk and sit on chairs?

Admittedly I’m not a believer, I just wondered how come ghosts seem to pass straight through some things but not others… it seems a little convenient.

Where can i buy Express pass tickets for halloween horror nights?

I need to buy around 9 Express Pass tickets for halloween horror nights on the date of Oct 11 but they ran out on the HHN website. Any suggestions? Please help me!

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