MonsterQuest Season 4 Episode 8 – Sierra Sasquatch Part 3/3

Part 3 Ancient petroglyphs in the Sierra Nevada Mountains depict footprints left by frightening packs of hairy man-like beasts. Now, MonsterQuest heads to the heart of California where witnesses are encountering aggressively territorial packs of Sasquatch. The team will investigate groups of

MonsterQuest Season 4 Episode 3 – Giant Pythons In America Part 2/4

Part 2 A deadly, slithering menace is taking over Florida and may be heading north. For more than 100 years, giant pythons have been discovered in parts of the Sunshine State, but since Hurricane Andrew in 1992, their territory has rapidly spread.

MonsterQuest Season 3 Episode 6 – Snowbeast Slaughter Part 1/3

High in the rugged wilderness of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains a large hairy creature is said to be preying on the elk and frightening residents. The stories date back centuries with the earliest settlers describing terrifying encounters with a large beast whose scream

MonsterQuest Season 4 Episode 4 – Giant Killer Bees Part 2/4

Part 2 More than 50 years ago, South American scientists attempted to cross-breed bees that would produce more honey than ever before possible. But instead, they created a monster. Today, these giant bees are on the loose, spreading northward and invading US

MonsterQuest Season 2 Episode 4 – Ohio Grassman Part 2/3

Part 2 Just miles from the industrial cities of Ohio, there is a bogeyman that has terrified local children for over a century. According to stories and sightings, the Grassman is similar to a Bigfoot, but builds strange nests and has been

MonsterQuest Season 2 Episode 14 – China’s Wildman Part 4/4

Part 4 A Wild-Man may roam the mountainous regions of China’s remote Hubei province. Witnesses report that the creature is covered in reddish-brown hair and walks on two legs. To the Chinese authorities it is not a matter of if this creature