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I need some FUN & EASY halloween games/ideas for a party I’m throwing?? Any ideas? (everyone is over 21..)

I need some FUN & EASY halloween games/ideas for a party I’m throwing?? Any ideas? (everyone is over 21..)

I really need a few halloween party game ideas for over 18 years of age and up!?

Can humans have power over the paranormal?

I wont go into massive detail, but I have always had an affinity for the paranormal, and my family has been being harassed by what appears to be what by most definitions would be called a demon. It seems to have taken a liking to my niece, but backs down as if it is afraid whenever I am around. Could it be just trying to get our guard down, or is having an innate power over the paranormal really possible?

How can i come over the fear of horror films?

Its my friends (they are twins) birthday next wednesday, and were going out for a meal. after im sleeping at their house and one of mates is bringing paranormal activity. :S im really not looking forward to it. My brother went to see it at the cinemas and come back pale white. :l they know i don’t like horror films one of the twins doesn’t like horror films either but i don’t wanna look like a party pooper. What can i do :(?? thanks

UFO over Fresno on June 3, 2010

UFO over Fresno. Military could not make up their mind on what kind of craft this was. Were they testing something secret? I think so. The question is what.

NEW REAL UFO – Passenger films UFO sighting over China from Plane

Passenger looking out the window in an Airline going to china filmed a UFO. Authorities wanted close down the Airport, because a UFO treat.

What are some really good horror movies that I can watch over the weekend?

Well I can not wait until Saw 6 comes out in cinemas but until then I want to watch some other horror movies
I have already seen these:
halloween series
a nightmare on elm street series
friday the 13th series and
saw series

Triangle UFO over Fresno Sept. 2009

This Triangle was captured on Video by sky watchers for the Sanger Paranormal Society.

EVP Compilation 4 – Crossing spirits over #1

I put together several clips from different sessions I’ve done to cross spirits over.

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