Why do some people hate anything fantasy based like scifi/fantasty/horror and only like real life?

My dad, nephew and I all love comic books, sci fi, fantasy and horror movies. We all get together and talk about spirituality and the supernatural and we love movies, TV and comic books. My mom brother and sister all hate those

Am I the only one who thinks that the paranormal activity movies are hilarious?

Ive watched both movies and im laughing. These novies suck at scaring you, i mean, the first one had like wat, 3 scenes tht were supposed to be scary? Well most ppl are freaked out, am i the only one who feels

I think only the most knowledgeable and perceptive horror movie fan will get this one?

I just finished watching an obscure early eighties horror film called Absurd, about this mute giant monster that has the ability to regenerate himself if he gets hurt. I was listening to the musical background soundtrack and I could have sworn that

Please only paranormal investigators answer this question. On first investigation- what ways to be prepaired?

Seriously now. It isn’t a game it is a real investigation. How does a first timer prepare for such an experience?