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Halloween party game ideas…?? nothing like pass the pumpkin, the party will mostly be adults…thanks :)?

also if the games could be kid friendly as well would be great..thanks for the help!

what is a really good paranormal romance book. or maybe even a romance book ? nothing classical please?

like paranormal romance but thinking of branching out. any suggestions?
do not suggest twilight!

How often are people’s paranormal experiences really nothing more than ordinary dreams?

I see people claiming that they have had a paranormal experience when they have had a dream about someone that has passed away. Is there any evidence to suggest that this is any more than a normal dream or should Occam’s Razor apply here?

Creepy Piano Improv: The Road To Nothing

A fully improv halloween song by Forrest Wilson called the road to nothing Download the song free at:

Is it possible that ghosts are nothing more than hologram unmanned missions from another planet?

I’m sure that there’s a scientific explanation for ghost sitings and that it’s not supernatural. I think that they are holograms from a civilization sent out millions of years ago using some kind of device that projects photons at the speed of light!

Nothing to Fear but Fear itself (Halloween Art Giveway info in DBox)

Please Read first Hey it is day two of my halloween spectacular I am favorite thing about halloween is scary halloween stories and that is why I made a vidlet of this show called Fear itself as shows 13 great scary stories called Eater, Spooked, Family man, Comminuty, Sickness and in health, The scarfice, Skin and Bones, New years day and many more Music used: This is Halloween Also about my Halloween art giveway here is the link and you can save any avartar or banner …

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