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If I have A Universal Studios Yearly pass do I still need to buy tickets to Halloween Horror nights 2010?

I have the yearly pass, but do I have to pay extra to go to the Halloween Horror nights? I really want to go!

Are the rides at Universal Orlando open during Halloween Horror Nights?

Halloween Horror Nights require a separate ticket for the evening shows but I would like to ride some rides too. Anyone know if the rides are open during the event?

During Halloween Horror Nights can you still ride the rides at universal studios?

i plan on making a trip to universal studios hollywood for halloween horror nights but if i go in the afternoon can i get on the rides?

Should I buy an Express Pass to Halloween Horror nights in Orlando Oct 5th even though its a Sunday?

I am planning a trip to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios in Orlando on Ocotber 5th. This is a Sunday. Should I buy a Express Pass or is it Quiet enough on Sundays especially early on in October

How To Work For Halloween Horror Nights?

I live in Orlando, FL. And I was wondering how I can work as a character that scares people at Horror Nights at Universal Studios Orlando?

Do I take the Coke Zero can when buying my ticket at Halloween Horror Nights?

I am going to Halloween Horror Nights tomorrow and I have a Coke Zero can. But I am still not sure how it works. Do I take the can to the window when buying my ticket? Or what? Please help, thank you.

Can you show your school id to prove your a florida resident to get the discount for halloween horror nights?

im going to halloween horror nights on firday and i wanna know when you buy coke zero and they say you have to have be a florida resident to get the discount with the cupon does anyone know if i could show them my school id to prove that im a florida resident.

How scary is halloween horror nights?

im not too scared of horror movies, but i have a ticket for hhn and i was wondering how scary it is? i want to know if ill be able to take it.

Do I need an express pass for halloween horror nights?

Im going to halloween horror nights in orlando and want to know if I should buy the express pass too. I’ll be there on the 7th of october which is a thursday.

Do you have to purchase 2 seperate tickets for Universal Studios in Hollywood during Halloween Horror Nights?

I’m planning to go to Horror Nights at Universal Studios but I saw on the site that it opens at 7pm is that the whole park or is the other part of the park open regular times during October? If so, do you have to purchase seperate tickets to go to both parts of the park?

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