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Name some OLD paranormal shows…?

I’m talking about reality/documentary style shows pre-1990. It can be on cryptozoology (Big Foot, Loch Ness Monster, etc…), UFO’s, Psychics, Ghosts. etc… Thank You!!!!

Need band name ideas!?

Me and my friends have started a band. It’s a screamo/hardcore techno band. Our influences are Eyes set to Kill, We came as romans, Attack Attack!, and Asking Alexandria. We have a few cover songs, one of Darling, and one of Im on a boat. Most of our songs are serious and have to do with mythology and cryptozoology alot. I need some name ideas for the band. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

What is the name of the movie , when some kids had an invitation to a horror movie and they turned to zombies?

I saw that movie once , from about eleven years i guess … punch of people were playing around when they had a horror movie invitation from a creepy guy . SO they went over at night and there was that one girl who found a silver mask behind a motorcycle when she wore it she she scratch her face it kept bleeding she went to the bathroom , then she turned into some kind of a monster and the infection spread out from her to the rest of the cinema population .. and at last the whole city was out of business .

Is there a name for this?

So there’s parapsychology, paranormal, supernatural, cryptozoology etc
But is there a name for the study of, or just a name for strange places like Winchester Mystery House, Stone Henge, Area 51, etc?

what are the name of those horror movies in verizon wireless commercial?

verizon wireless commercial they used some horror movies, what are the names of those movies?

what is the name of the horror movie with the clown?

I’m trying to remember the name of this one horror movie. It involves a clown, but it’s not the movie “IT”. The only scene I remember is there’s a little girl, and she’s with her mom and some other people at the restaurant. Then a clown comes, and she wants to go play with him, but her mom says she has to eat her food first. But she’s in such a rush that she puts her food under the placemat (Or maybe it was the table). Can anyone help me out on this?

Is it paranormal to hear your name being called or whispered?

I used to live in this old house in Cedar Rapids, IA when i was little and i remember i would always hear my name being either called from another room(the noise was muffled though) or i would hear it whispered almost as if it was in my own head but it was an unfamiliar voice.

What is the name of the movie where the group of students finds a paranormal essence in an internet signal?

This movie is no longer on TV, regularly, I don’t think.
But I believe it used to be showed on FX at some point.

Can someone help me remember the name of this old horror book?

I remember it from my childhood. It had images that seem familiar to Shel Silverstein, but it was horror short stories or poetry or something. Some stories I remember are a butcher grinding his customers or his wife, a woman having a sac of spiders hatch in her mouth. It’s going to annoy me to death if I don’t figure out what this book was. Creepy sketches, sort of wild, black and white.

What is the name of the old Horror Movie?

Does anyone know the name of an old horror movie that probably cam out in the late 80’s or early 90’s about a bunch of teenagers that was in a graveyard chanting to raise the dead. It was almost like the living dead but they wanted the neck or heart or something like that.

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