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Animal X Natural Mystery Unit – Monsters of the Deep Promo

Daniel and Natalie investigate sightings of monstors of the deep.

USO Mystery Solved?

More video of the infamous USO/ creatures seen swimming in the Alabama river. Whatever they are, they are definately animals. Thanks for watching.;)

The Mountains of Mystery (2009)

A feature-length documentary from CFZtv, directed by Jonathan Downes and produced by Richard Freeman. In the summer of 2008, five British explorers from the UK based Centre for Fortean Zoology [CFZ], the world’s largest mystery animal research group, fly to the mountains of southern Russia, just weeks before the region erupts into war.. They are searching for the almasty, a semi-mythical apeman, that the team believe could be man’s closest relative; an evolved descendant of Homo erectus. Along the way they have many adventures, and several members of the team are nearly killed on more than one occasion. With music by Gogol Bordello and Jonathan Downes For more details check out

Part 1 Monster or Murderer – Animal X Natural Mystery Unit

Animal X goes to France to investigate the Beast of Gevaudan a fearsome monster that killed more than 300 people. Was it a supernatural werewolf Animal X Investigates

Anyone know of any good murder mystery games to play for a halloween party?

Last year we did The Immortal Murders-Costume Ball for the Immortals and had a really good time. This year we’d like to do something similar but am looking for some recommendations for something similar. We liked the fact that it was not a sit down game and that you could mingle with the guests while playing the game. We are looking for a game that would allow at least 10-12 people to play. Any ideas?

What is a good murder mystery game for my Halloween dinner party?

I’m having a Halloween party and will be inviting 6 couples. I want to do something fun and interactive because not everyone knows each other very well. I also wanted to do a theme party and wanted to encourage everyone to dress up. I decided a murder mystery dinner party would be really fun, so I did some searching online to find one. I found so many different types of games and so many different stories I can buy. Has anyone hosted a fun murder mystery dinner party? What game did you use? What were some things that worked and some things that didn’t? Any other suggestions?

Part 3 El Chupacabra – Animal X Natural Mystery Unit

Part 2 Reptilian Creatures Animal X Natural Mystery Unit

We’ve all heard the stories of Alien abductions, and of Reptoids AKA Lizard Men. In this episode we meet people who’ve not only seen them but have been abducted by, Reptilian Creatures not only seen them but have been abducted by, Reptilian Creatures

Part 1 El Chupacabra – Animal X Natural Mystery Unit

I’m looking for historical, mystery, and horror books to fill my free time during the school day?

I’m going to have a much lighter schedule in the coming weeks due to a semester course ending soon. Thus, I’m going to have a lot of free time during the school day and I’m in need of some reading to fill my time. I love history and horror/mystery books. Are there any classics that you could recommend to me in this genre? Thanks

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