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What are some really good Comedys and Horror movies?

I want some titles from all of you from REALLLYYY GOOOD Horror movies and Comedies.

I dont want anything like the grudge or jeepers creepers or lame and not so scary horror movies, I want ones that will really make you s-t your pants. lol

and the comedies I dont care what they are about, just as long as you think they are some good side-splitters..

Thanks people :) Peace

What are some horror movies either coming out tomorrow or that are fairly new?

Fairly new could go back a year or two, especially if they are really good, I might not have heard of them. Also they can be straight to DVD.

What are some good horror movies on demand right now?

What are some good horror movies on demand right now?
Either in the free movies section,
or in premium channels.

For premium channels, I get stars, encore, and HBO…maybe shotime also

what horror movies do you recommend me watch?

im not very much of a horror moive watcher cus im scared lol. but i want to watch good horror movies with my girl friend that were made from the 70’s-Present time.

What are some of your favourite horror movies ?

okay so im bored and i want to go buy a good horror movie , anyone got any ideas , something very unpredictable and something with lots of blood in it and no teen horror movies and definatly something that is freaky . ?
haha the orphan was so stupid , but thanks anyway , and nothing too old thank you :) i dont really like old movies .
@chicky chick — thanks but i have seen ALL of them hahahahah :D

I have about 4600 movies. I have them listed as horror, comedy, etc. How can i separate them?

I mean separate them into categories such as just the comedy or horror or family without having to copy and paste one by one???? Help is there an easier way??? Thanx ahead of time!!!

Friends pressuring me into watching horror movies?

I am 14 and me and my friends are going to have a sleepover. The thing is, they want to watch horror movies in the middle of the night, like “Saw”.
I don’t really like horror movies and they scare me but i don’t want to be seen as a wuss; like, make excuses not to go to the sleepover.
What should i do? Should i tell them i just don’t want to watch it? Or just watch it and be scared?
If you think i should make up excuses, could you tell me some believeable ones?

What are some good teen romance or drama or horror movies?

I am like a major movie fanatic! So, Its hard for me to find a movie i haven’t watched yet haha, but what are some good romance movies involving teens? Or even just good romance, drama, or horror movies!!?
some of my favorites are
A walk to Remember
The Notebook
17 Again
The Stepfather
Love Happends

Oh and I really dont really extremely old movies from like the 80s hahaa so thanks for whoever helps!!!(:

What are some good HORROR Movies without any disturbing images in it?

What are some good HORROR Movies without any disturbing images in it, every horror movie i see has all this extra crap in it like sex or something

If I am watching lot of psycho and horror movies, does it mean I have metal problems?

I had a bad childhood where I was hit by lot of people. Over the next few years I have changed myself unknowingly. I enjoyed watching horror movies and psycho movies a lot. After a lot of time I have changed myself and now its hard for me to see these kind of movies. I wonder if these kind of movies are for normal people.

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