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The Chupacabra Movie – Oh No Senor ( Caught on Tape )

True story about a Chupacabra attack caught on tape! with chinese ufo in the distance over a double rainbow! Classic man vs monster story with cute cuddly kittens that call xbox support and prank calls them with precious meows. A goat herder enlists the help of a lumberjack to protect his herd from the fabled vampire… the goat-sucker!

what are some good ideas for a halloween movie party?

im going to have a halloween movie party and i need some ideas. we will mostly be watching 13 nights of halloween, and other halloween movies that we bring. i need snack ideas, and other fun halloween related games, or things to do. this is a party for teenagers. so far i have planned that we will: watch movies, take pictures in our costumes, play hide-n-seek in the dark outside, wear halloween pajamas, and jump on the trampoline.

Does anywhere make a Halloween costume from the movie Super Troopers?

I really want to dress up as Rabbit when he is pretending to be the “bear trucker” (I know it isn’t trucker, but Yahoo won’t let me type that)…. does anyone know where you could get the bear suit to pull this off?

Looking for horror movie where two girls stand in the hallway.?

I am not into horror movies, but I have seen the reference from a certain horror film many times, and I would like to know where it originated from.

It’s two young twin girls standing in a hallway, do you know where its from?
Where in the film does it appear?

Can you picture any of the Disney Channel stars in a Horror movie?

I just cant! well except for my cousin Hil.

Who can you NOT picture? and Who CAN u picture in a Horror movie?

Who is the best horror movie villain?

Of the horror films which villain gets title of the the true bad-ass! I vote for Jason myself!

What horror movie has the little girls singing ring around the rosie in true horror fashion?

Thought it was Freddie Kruegar, but not in the original–help please–thanks.

Tell me one good horror movie that i havent seen?

Just want to watch a movie but theres no horror left i seen almost all of them.

What kinds of movie do you like? Horror / Action / Romantic / Sci-Fic or a combination of different genres?

I like Horror, sci-fic horror. What about you?

And what are some of the best movies you’ve seen in your favorite genre? Mine are:

Drag Me to Hell
Final Destination
Resident Evil
@Clevelander Dawg: No and most Iranians are pro-American.

Can anyone identify this horror movie for me?

Does anyone remember this movie? I remember there was a part in it where there was this creature thing was on top of this ladys’ trailer in the woods. It terrorized her most of the night, and in the morning she thought she was safe. A cop came to rescure her and it was still on top of the trailer.

I know this is vague, and it could have been part of some anthology type horror movie, I don’t remember much more about it.

Any help is appreciated!

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