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Amazing footage of real ghost captured on mobile phone video – 100% real A SCHOOLBOY has captured eerie footage of what he claims is a ghost striding towards banisters at his home. Terrified Reece Pitman, 12, heard whistling — and used his mobile to film the shadowy being. It came days after his nine-year-old sister complained that someone was mysteriously finishing her jigsaws at night. The lad showed the amazing footage — which must be seen to be believed — to mum Tonia, 38. She said: Reece looked scared witless. In the clip a white shadow appears from my bedroom followed by the dark image of a man. “It crosses the landing and disappears when it reaches the banisters. Tonia, of Solihull, Birmingham, said she consulted a psychic who told her the ghost could be friendly. Sales assistant Tonia said: Ive had a tough time recently as my husband left me. I didnt believe in ghosts — but Im thinking of the spectre as my guardian angel. Julian Banks of the British Paranormal Society said the film was potentially the best image of a ghost in years.

1920s Mobile Cell Phone

Free Halloween Music Download A woman is caught on film talking on what appears to be the world first Mobile Cell Phone in the 1920s

Most haunted live mobile phone video in colour

i have edited the video to make the phone footage in colour if you look it looks like it is a shadow

A Real Ghost Caught on Mobile ???

In Kemerovo, Russia. During a rehearsal at school something seemed to appear on the stage for a few seconds, decreased and disappeared. :|………I do not know whether the footage is genuine or not???

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