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What are my chances at finding love?

Well for starters I’m a 23 yo black guy (too lazy to be pc right now lol). My problem is that I seem to have a lot of trouble finding someone with whom I click on an intimate level. Now when I say intimate I’m not speaking of sex (although I’m not adverse to the activity lol) but rather the type of intimate in which I can share all of my deepest thoughts with another. I’ve had many infatuations throughout my life but I’ve only fallen in love twice. Once with a guy and once with a gal. Unfortunately in both cases, the person did not feel the same way about me. Even though I had my heart broken twice in a row I try to remain optimistic, but I seem to have run into a problem. I’m fully aware that ppl usually meet potential mates at places such as work and school. Even so, my problem is that ppl r usually unnerved by me in different ways. Before I continue let me say that I am not hung up on skin color or ethnicity, I’m just presenting the facts of my life.

When I started college, I’ve been told by two of my room mates that they thought I was a scary person when I first met them. The reason for this was because I’m a 6ft 3 black guy and they have not had much experience with black ppl in the past and simply made a conclusion from what they knew (these r their words, not my own). They changed their minds after getting to know me but it still kinda hurts to be told that. I didn’t want to believe this at first since I try to be warm to ppl when I first meet them, but this reaction became more common as time passed. I now go 2 school in Queens NY and the bus that I take to the campus stops by 2 predominantly Asian schools along the way. I usually observe reluctance from the students in sitting next to me. I guess I scare them too. All of my classes r math and science oriented and for some reason always have a low amount of black students. I observe the same reluctant behavior in my class mates probably for the same reason. At first I thought it was because I was unhygienic or perhaps I did something weird. I dismissed this thought because I’m a very self conscious guy and that self consciousness leads me to be very hygienic and well behaved in public. I don’t do anything that would be considered weird in the midst of class. Since ppl of other ethnicities won’t give me the time of day one would think that I’d be better off seeking a lover who is black.

Well I run into another problem here. My close and personal friends aside, I find that other African Americans are just not comfortable with me. I hate to say this but I’m not ur conventional black guy (I realize that I’m employing a double standard here). I’m not athletic, I find no interest in sports, I’m an atheist, I enjoy math, novels, anime, cryptozoology, UFOlogy, cooking shows, psychology, criminology, and a bunch of other stuff that r irrelevant atm. I find that these topics do not interest most black ppl. This makes relating to others somewhat difficult. Another problem that I face when interacting with other black people is that I’m usually perceived as an arrogant and uppity individual. I have a bad habit of speaking “too properly” and I also tend to correct ppl when they say something that is false not to demean them but to educate them. Because of this people think that I’m always talking down to them or think that I believe that they are stupid. Even my own family members have told me this on a number of occasions. My Speech habits as well as my “scary” appearance seem to cost me dates.

I would like to find someone with whom I can share my most intimate thoughts. Someone who will love for who I am. I’m not a shy individual nor am I hard on the eyes. Even so, these problems persist. How am I supposed to find my special someone when I have so much trouble relating to ppl? What r my chances at finding love? Perhaps I’ve been unlucky until now or maybe I need to look elsewhere. Should I change myself to be more like-able or should I stay as myself? Should I stop wearing jeans, t-shirts, and a fitted cap so ppl don’t automatically form a bad opinion of me? Any constructive advice is welcomed.

Movies-What are your top 30 favorite horror movies that you and your family LOVE watching together all night?

What are your top 30 favorite horror movies that you and your family enjoy watching together that makes the hair on your arm stand up?
you can give me 30 or more or 30 or less.

Are there any Chinease paranormal myths and legends about true love?

Just curious about some of the Chinease myths and legends. Would like some info. Thanks and appriciated.

is it possible to hate real blood but love bloody horror movies?

i freak out when i see real blood but i love horror movies. the blood in the movies don’t bother me. why?

IM (I’ma Mystery) CHAPTER 9 (A Justin Bieber Love Story)

CHAPTER 9 (Ramona’s POV) I went to the snack area where the food is spread out for justin and the rest of the crew. You know the one’s that actually DO the work? I got a plate and started to put some stuff on it. I reached for a spoon at the same time as another hand and we touched. For a moment it felt tingly and magical then I looked into the person’s eyes only to find…. “Justin?!” I yelled, quickly pulling my hand away. “Whore,” he said, sticking his tongue out at me. “Oh go suck Jasmine V’s face!” I yelled back. READ THE REST HERE: Sorry it’s short but I only had a few minutes, still working on some stuff. But heck, I actually really love this chapter. Questions: 1. Fav part 2. Fav character 3. What’s up with Justin? (why’d he just totally admit his inner most feelings?) My imovie is waiting to be updated so my halloween stories are pushed back to november. Sorry. But it’s all gonna work out. Been working on new stuff, old stuff, getting it done, or trying to. New Dear Nick is gonna be in like a week cause It take a LONG time to do it. Like a really long time. Like 1 or second week of November is should be out.

Haunted by Love Part 1 (Paranormal)

Medium Ghost Hunters, part 1 of 2″ “Ohio Ghost Hunters”, Medium Annie Carissimi and her team investigate with high tech equiptment.” OVILUS” (PARANORMAL)

Revelations Great Love Story

The Book of Revelation. The Apocalypse. Words that often call to mind bizarre creatures, strange seals, dreadful plagues, and a slew of other mystifying symbols. Most of us approach this last book of the Bible with forebodings rather than hope. To us Johns vision seems more like a nightmare. But the elderly apostle begins with a statement that doesnt seem to fit the rest of the book: The revelation of Jesus Christ. Apparently he intends to unveil something tremendously important about Jesus. Something life-changing. Something we cant afford to miss. Larry Lichtenwalter explores a side of Revelation seldom portrayed: Christs passionate love for humanity. This recurring theme subtly appears in the imagery and symbolism throughout Johns vision. The slain Lamb. The divine protective sealing. The blood-bleached-white robes. The heart-wrenching prayer of the saints. Without Christs love, these scenes and symbols would mean nothing. Ultimately Johns vision reveals the extraordinary love of our Savior for His rebellious, undeserving children—and the incredible reasons we can love Him in return. To learn more about this title and others like it, please visit the following link:

Minako’s big date! Love between a enemy and soldier! Fandub

This a fanisode that Jesterdance and I made together. (Jesterdance = my hubby! :D ) All music/video belong to Sailor Moon and this was purely fanmade! Wait.. not all the music.. the Halloween music is well.. from the Halloween movies. =.=

Love Lies Bleeding – 2009 48hr Film Project – New Orleans

Basically you have 48 hrs to write, cast, shoot, and edit a film. Teams pick a different Genre, though each film shares the common elements of Characters, Props, and a Line of Dialogue. This is our film from 2009. Looking forward to a LOCOfilm/Killer Sheep Films collaboration in 2010. a LOCOfilm production 2009 – 48 Hr Film Project – New Orleans Genre: Horror Props: Rubberband, Newspaper Characters: Matthew and Mabel Kotick Line: “Which one is the Weak Link?”

My Love for Shaky Cam Horror

Yes, I talk about shaky cam horror and other movies and things. The Blair Witch Project, Paranormal Activity, The Last Exorcism. Haunted houses get talked about meaning haunted attractions, NOT like REAL haunted houses. So yeah, its the weekend which is great too!

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